From Elad Gross <[email protected]>
Subject Campaign Update: First Quarter Report
Date April 16, 2024 7:27 PM
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I'm going to give you a look behind the campaign curtain.
First, thank you. We have the most Missouri-based support in this campaign for Attorney General, and it's not even close.
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We have the most donations - and the most donations from Missourians - by far in our race for Attorney General. We're even raising more money than several major Republican candidates for statewide offices, including candidates for Secretary of State, Lieutenant Governor, and Treasurer.
✅ We are the statewide campaign with organizers all over Missouri.
✅ We are one of the only campaigns in the country with active volunteer activities.
✅ We have recruited over 1000 volunteers, traveled all over the state, and are working every day to rebuild the community we need to hold our corrupted government accountable.
That's the good news.
The bad news: Unfortunately, although our two Republican opponents for Attorney General have far fewer donors, they are taking in huge donations from billionaires and corporations.
As a former Assistant Attorney General, I feel strongly that our candidate for the office should represent you. We don't need another bought Attorney General taking instructions from their benefactors all so the politician can get to the next higher office and the donors can exploit our state for their personal gain.
I knew this would happen. Our focus on volunteer recruitment is intentional. We may not be able to compete with billionaires on their turf, but we can flood the zone with volunteers. Our goal isn't to raise the most money. It's to raise enough money to power our volunteer program and get the word out to voters.
Currently, our operations team includes a campaign manager, five regional organizers, a rural organizer to help everyone living outside of those regions, a fundraiser, a creative team, and super volunteers.
We need to hire a few more folks, but we cannot do it without increasing our fundraising [[link removed]] .
We have a really exciting statewide campaign. We've already done a lot, but we have so much more potential.
Here's what our campaign needs right now:
Text Bank on Wednesday, Apr. 17 at 5:30-7:30 PM
[link removed] [[link removed]]
Our volunteer text bank is a big deal. Last time, we texted 40,000 Missourians, had great conversations, and even recruited hundreds of volunteers.
On Wednesday, April 17, we're texting 100,000 voters. We need your help.
Volunteer for the Text Bank [[link removed]]
Host an Event
[[link removed]]
We need you to host us. We can do coffee, pie, a diner, a home, outdoors, indoors, with Liberty Belle, without. We need to meet your friends, get their input into our campaign, answer their questions, and ask them to join our team.
That's how we're going to get this done.
Host an Event [[link removed]]
Upcoming Events
Wednesday, April 17 at 5:30-7:30 PM - Volunteer Text Bank online! [[link removed]]
Thursday, April 18 at 5:30 PM - Elad in Adair County [[link removed]]
Saturday, April 20 at 6 PM - Elad in St. Clair County [[link removed]]
Sunday, April 21 at 11 AM - Elad in Lee's Summit at Post Coffee [[link removed]]
[[link removed]]
We are cancelling our normal weekend volunteer phone banks, and we encourage our volunteers to help collect signatures with Missourians for Constitutional Freedom [[link removed]] before the initiative petition deadline coming up the first week of May.
Normally, I only send one email during the week, but we've been working on a secret plan, and I may send you one more very short one in a couple of days.
Stay tuned, and I'll see you out there!
Sincerely yours,
Donate [[link removed]] Volunteer [[link removed]] Elad Store [[link removed]]
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