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Subject [AVFCA] March Article Summary
Date April 2, 2024 2:22 PM
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March AVFCA Blog Posts!

In case you missed our articles published by A Voice for Choice Advocacy writers this month, links are below...Be sure to sign up for AVFCA's Substack to get these weekly articles [link removed] [[link removed]] or check our Blog [link removed] [[link removed]] .

[[link removed]] Building and Retaining Muscle to Promote Vitality and Prevent Disease

If you’re not a “gym rat,” it may be easier to go for a walk than think about lifting weights. But to get the extraordinary benefits of having healthy muscles doesn’t mean you need to do it in typical ways. To prevent sarcopenia (muscle loss), while increasing your energy levels, carry bags of groceries (your back permitting, of course), take out bottles for recycling, and go for a swim.

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[[link removed]] Soybean Oil: Inflammatory, Genetically-Modified, and Linked to Chronic Illness

With hydrogenation, phytoestrogens, high linoleic acid (LA), toxicity from aflatoxin, and genetic modification … why play around with soybean oil? You can certainly get your omega-6 fatty acids elsewhere, along with vitamin E. There are much safer fats to choose from, and plenty with beneficial attributes.

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[[link removed]] Stopped in Your Tracks: Enduring Persistent Physical Pain and the Link to Cognition

Physical pain taxes your body, and can weigh heavy on your mind and overall mental capacity. Your ability to focus on tasks and projects might seem miles away from what you’re capable of. The pounding and pulsing of pain-sensing neurons is a constant distraction, and can overload your nervous system. Thankfully, research supports natural approaches using traditional medicine (Examples: herbs, yoga, deep breathing) to bring you relief.

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[[link removed]] The Inadequacy of Hospital Food Jeopardizes the Health of Recovering Patients

Most would agree that hospital food has little to be desired for. Beyond its lack of sensory appeal, there are real problems to contend with. Harmful ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and maltodextrin, both derived from GMO-corn, are in many dishes. You’ll also ingest pesticides, herbicides, and a whopping amount of rancid, industrial seed oils.

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During the second half of March 2024, AVFCA brought awareness to specific observance days by sharing our original stories that matched these themes:

International Day Without Meat : “Fake Meat: Exposing the Fallacy of Food-like Products”
Caramel coloring, propylene glycol, and soy isolates are but a few of the processed ingredients you’ll find in lab-produced, fake “meats.” When have manufacturers gone too far to create the synthetics on your plate? That time would be now. In this multi-billion dollar industry, stakes are high, and reliance on consumers to be misinformed about healthy nutrition is critical to uphold profits. [link removed] [[link removed]]

National Doctors’ Day : “Chiropractic Medicine: Crossing the Bridge of Immunity”
Looking beyond what many people know chiropractic for—pain relief for muscle and joint stiffness. Specifically, research was explored on how chiropractic may affect the immune system. It was revealed that correcting body alignment was absolutely tied to improved immunity, via many of the body’s intricate systems. [link removed] [[link removed]]

Our team also reads hundreds of articles each week, and those of interest are shared on our social media platforms. However, once or twice a week, our team reads an article that is profound or shares a perspective that is new or from an expert that AVFCA feels should be highlighted. These articles are shared on our Substack.

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