From Mark Kelly <[email protected]>
Subject Writing to see if you can support my buddy Ruben
Date March 26, 2024 6:18 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
[1]Mark Kelly for Senate

Hey everybody, it’s Mark Kelly.

Look, I’ll get right to the point. If we’re going to hold the line in Arizona, keep control of the Senate, and keep Trump out of the White House, I need you to chip in to Ruben Gallego’s campaign for U.S. Senate.

If that’s all you need to know and you’re ready to make that donation, we’re tracking them at this link:

DONATE: [link removed]

But I get that you might want to hear a little more before you chip in. So let me explain why this election, and your contribution, are so important.

Kari Lake — Ruben’s opponent — stands against just about everything I’m for.

She called abortion “the ultimate sin” and praised a territorial law predating the Civil War that is a near-total ban on abortion in Arizona.

She still, to this day, spreads the lie that the 2020 and 2022 elections were stolen. She’s even taking it to the Supreme Court, after being ruled against in Arizona.

If she wins, the Republican Party is almost guaranteed to take back the Senate. And if Trump wins, she’ll be a rubber stamp for his agenda — she’s called herself the “MAGA Queen,” so there’s no surprises how that will go.

But you are not powerless here. The single biggest source of donations to Ruben’s campaign is emails like this one. That’s the truth, and I know it because it was the same way on both of my campaigns.

Tons of people coming together and chipping in is the only way Ruben will be able to fight back against the onslaught of attacks and ads coming his way. The only way he’ll raise the resources he needs to win.

So, how about it:

Can you make a donation to Ruben Gallego’s campaign for U.S. Senate? I would not ask if this were not so important.

DONATE: [link removed]

Thanks a lot, team.

— Mark

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