From Ilhan Omar <[email protected]>
Subject Writing to ask for your $3 contribution ahead of this weekend's official FEC fundraising deadline
Date March 26, 2024 3:05 PM
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Hey everyone, it's Ilhan.

I know your time is valuable, so I'm not going to waste it. I'm emailing to ask you directly if you can make a $3 contribution to our campaign for Congress before midnight tonight.

If that's all you need to hear, please use this link:

[link removed]

Otherwise, please let me explain the situation.

Yesterday, we launched our unofficial mid-month fundraising drive for a simple but very important reason: We're behind on our grassroots goals, and we can't afford to fall short of them. Especially not in an FEC deadline month like March.

You see, when we file our fundraising report after the March 31 deadline — our first of this critical election year — it'll be publicly available for all to see.

The media, the right-wing super PACs, our primary opponents, our progressive allies, and whoever else will all be able to check how much we've raised and how many donations we've received.

And believe us, they will.

I mean it when I say that every contribution between now and then — no matter the amount — sends a message about our campaign's strength, and it'd mean a lot to me personally if you were able to add one today.

But the truth is that your donation is about more than just showing off big numbers or keeping up appearances for the media.

It takes a lot of resources to run a winning campaign, especially for ones like ours. That's because right-wing super PACs and Republican billionaires like Harlan Crow see me as a top-priority target, and are ready to do and spend whatever it takes to try and defeat us.

They're going to drive up the cost of television spots in our district. They're going to try and drown out our digital outreach. And they're going to launch lie after lie and attack after attack to make it happen.

We need to build a campaign that has what it takes to fight back and win. Your support is how we do it.

So please. I'm hoping I can count on you, especially today:

Can you make a contribution — of $3 or any amount — before midnight tonight? I wouldn't ask if your grassroots support wasn't so important to the success of the movement we're all building together.

[link removed]

Believe me when I say your contributions to this team — financial or otherwise — are not taken for granted. Thank you for being a part of it.

In solidarity,


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