[AVFCA] Action Alert: HR-7551 will make US Pharmaceutical companies Liable for their COVID products

Take Action Today to Make
Pharmaceutical Companies Liable for their COVID Products 

Ask your US Representative to Support the LIABLE Act

Bill information:  HR 7551 was recently introduced in Congress by Representative Chip Roy (TX) and it would prohibit any Federal law from making the manufacturer of a COVID–19 vaccine immune from suit or liability, or limiting the liability of such a manufacturer, with respect to claims for loss caused by, arising out of, relating to, or resulting from the administration to or the use by an individual of a COVID–19 vaccine or other COVID product.  For more information on the bill, resources, and to write to your US Representative today asking them to support this bill, visit A Voice for Choice Advocacy's newly updated (and easy to use) website: https://avoiceforchoiceadvocacy.org/legislation/hr-7551-liable-act/.  

Take Action TODAY!

1) Email your US Representative, using AVFCA’s easy to use online portal (won't take more than a few minutes):  

Go to https://secure.everyaction.com/COT_C0LhKEmPrWFgPcsMbA2 and send an email legislators to support HR 7551 and thereby make US pharmaceutical companies stand behind their COVID products.  Please personalize the introduction of this email, as otherwise legislators think it is a bot that sent the email and ignore it. Use the resources on our website to create your talking points (https://avoiceforchoiceadvocacy.org/legislation/hr-7551-liable-act/). Note: the AVFCA portal does not send you what you wrote and AVFCA does not get a copy of it, so before you click submit, you may want to copy it to a personal document it so you have it for future reference.

2) Forward this email to anyone in the US who supports making the pharmaceutical companies accountable and ask them to send an email to their representative.  


Over the past 9 years, A Voice for Choice Advocacy has established itself as the leading legislative organization lobbying in the California Capitol for your health rights, and extending that on a Federal level where applicable.  While A Voice for Choice Advocacy's lobbying activity in the Capitol is important, your positive constituent relationships with your legislators and their staff are critical to assisting with A Voice for Choice Advocacy's efforts.  

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Together we can make change happen!


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