From Elissa Slotkin for Senate <[email protected]>
Subject Trump just endorsed our opponent
Date March 24, 2024 3:49 PM
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[1]Mark Kelly for Senate

Hey Robert, it’s Mark Kelly. My friend Elissa Slotkin is running for Senate in Michigan, and we’re working to support her. I hope you’ll read the message below from her team, and consider splitting a donation between her campaign and mine.

DONATE: [link removed]


$3, one time.

That is the donation we are asking you to make to Elissa Slotkin's campaign for Senate in Michigan and Mark Kelly today.

Just recently, Donald Trump endorsed Republican candidate Mike Rogers in our Senate race. We'll look back at this moment as a major inflection point in our race, and one where Elissa needs your help if we're going to win.

If that's all you need to hear, use this link to donate directly to Elissa Slotkin's campaign today:

[link removed]

Let us explain why this moment is so important and why we're asking for that $3 donation today.

$3 because Trump's endorsement was a big open question in this crowded primary. Now that he’s weighed in, it means a good chunk of the Republican Party is sure to unify around Mike Rogers, opening doors to fundraising and volunteers that didn't exist before.

$3 because Trump's endorsement is an acknowledgement of how important Michigan is to his success — something we've always known about the importance of the state to Democrats' chances of holding the Senate and White House.

$3 because now that Trump is paying attention to this race, the attacks against Elissa are sure to ramp up and we'll need your help to fight back.

It’s ironic, because Mike Rogers criticized Donald Trump for a long time. He criticized him on CNN for years and called him “more gangster than presidential.” Today, without shame, he eagerly accepted his endorsement. He did it because he'll do anything to get elected and he won't stop there.

Mike Rogers has Trump. Elissa has you. And if lots and lots of people donate to her campaign today, we'll be well on our way toward securing the resources we need to win this race.

Can Elissa Slotkin count on you to contribute $3 (or more if you can) to her campaign for U.S. Senate in Michigan and Mark Kelly? We're looking for lots and lots of donations in response to Trump's endorsement of Mike Rogers.

DONATE: [link removed]

Thank you in advance for contributing today. Especially today.

Elissa Slotkin for Michigan

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