From Rushina Vipani - <[email protected]>
Subject John's Official Supporter Record →
Date February 26, 2024 2:47 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
In just a few days we close out the 2024 Membership Drive,

But our records show that you haven't renewed your membership yet:

Official Supporter Record

Email: [email protected]
2024 Membership Drive status: *PENDING*
Donation matched: Not yet!
Deadline: February 29, 11:59 PM
Suggested contribution:

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(If you recently donated to, or donated from another email
address, thank you! It can take some time for our records to update, so if
you notice any discrepancies, please reply to this email and we will
follow up. Thank you for your understanding!)

[ [link removed] ]Can you renew your membership to today and help defeat the
fossil fuel industry? We have set a HUGE goal of 1,000 new members by
February 29 to rapidly grow our climate movement so we can take the bold
action we need to stop climate change.

[ [link removed] ]$5 becomes $10

[ [link removed] ]$35 becomes $70

[ [link removed] ]$150 becomes $300

[ [link removed] ]$350 becomes $700

John, the
the fossil fuel industry has put our planet on a terrifying course of
destruction and disaster. For the first time on record, global warming has
exceeded temperatures of 1.5 degrees Celsius over a 12-month period.^1

Scientists are calling this a "warning to humanity."

But scientists are also saying that the world has not yet permanently
breached the crucial 1.5°C warming threshold target outlined in the Paris
climate agreement, which is measured over decades.

Let me be clear, John: there
is still time to take bold action for our planet. is one of the leading organizations that has inspired millions of
ordinary people all over the world to take action and stand up to the
fossil fuel industry.

2024 is our chance to stop the fossil fuel industry and invest in a better
future. Are you ready to fight back?

[ [link removed] ]Chip in today to help make 2024 the year when we turn things around for
our planet. Every donation today goes TWICE as far.

Thank you for your support at this crucial moment,


Rushina Vipani
Finance Director

[ [link removed] ]$5 becomes $10

[ [link removed] ]$35 becomes $70

[ [link removed] ]$150 becomes $300

[ [link removed] ]$350 becomes $700

1 - [ [link removed] ]Al Jazeera

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