From Team 350 <[email protected]>
Subject War and militarism push our planet to climate breakdown
Date February 12, 2024 3:31 PM
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John, we need to talk about this:

Militarism and war are major contributors to the climate crisis.

From violent brutality that destroys lives to the contamination of water
and soil, war takes a devastating toll on people and the land. And as war
rages in multiple parts of the world, we don’t have to look far to see the

Recent reports show that Israel’s bombardment of Gaza killed thousands of
people and produced more carbon emissions than 20 climate-vulnerable
countries do in a year—in the first two months alone.^1

While the direct climate impact of war is alarming on its own, it is far
from the only reason we should care. We are in this fight for people and
the planet and for a more just and harmonious way of living. The same
extractive and imperialist system has led both to the climate crisis and
to the US funding genocide and global conflict.

And with climate chaos wreaking havoc, world leaders—including President
Biden—continue to spend billions to fund wars and militaries and next to
nothing on the climate investments we desperately need to save our

Wars and militarism are destructive in countless ways, including climate
breakdown. [ [link removed] ]That’s why we’re urging President Biden to divest from wars
and fund climate solutions—will you join us?

[ [link removed]}&akid=382055%2E3870196%2E5OvpHy ]Send the message »

Last year, President Biden made a bold commitment to increase renewable
energy targets, and he recently paused all new liquified natural gas (LNG)
exports—but these steps are not nearly enough to solve the climate crisis.

The United States is one of the top emitters in the world, and our
military uses more fossil fuel than any other institution on Earth.^4

To truly transition our energy system away from fossil fuels, we need to
invest significantly more in a liveable future for all, not military
funding that puts human lives and our environment at risk.

[ [link removed] ]Will you send a message to President Biden and urge him to stop funding
wars and invest in our future?

Thank you for taking action,

- Team 350

1 - [ [link removed] ]Mother Jones

2 - [ [link removed] ]Vox

3 - [ [link removed] ]The New Republic

4 - [ [link removed] ]Aljazeera


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