From Team 350 <[email protected]>
Subject $11 billion in damages
Date February 8, 2024 8:52 PM
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John -

Around this time last year, California was battling heavy winds and
historic floods brought on by an “endless stream” of atmospheric rivers —
otherwise known as “rivers in the sky.” And now, it’s happening all over

Right now, California communities are facing up to $11 billion in damages,
while travel has been rendered impossible in some areas due to nearly 500
mudslides and record rainfall.^1 At least nine people have died, and tens
of thousands are without power.^2

Because a warmer atmosphere holds more moisture, the intensity of these
atmospheric rivers will only continue to increase as long as we keep
pumping more and more carbon into the atmosphere.

That’s why it’s crucial that our leaders fight for the just transition to
renewable energy to protect our futures while helping communities recover
from these disasters as quickly as possible.

[ [link removed] ]John, will you
sign the petition to President Biden today urging him to commit the
funding needed to help our communities recover from these disasters and to
phase out fossil fuels once and for all?

[ [link removed]}&akid=381719%2E3870196%2EZFh_nl ]Sign now »

Here are just a few of the things the community is focused on as
we work to secure a better future for the climate:

* Disaster recovery: President Biden has the power to commit substantial
resources to help those who have been devastated by these disasters.
With $11 billion in damages from this storm alone, it’s crucial that
he acts quickly.

* Executive action to limit fossil fuels: From banning offshore drilling
to declaring a climate emergency, there are a number of executive
orders President Biden can enact to speed the transition to a clean
energy future.

* Stopping fossil fuel finance: The Federal Reserve should hold banks
and their subsidiaries accountable for the real, tangible damage done
by the fossil fuel companies they invest in.

* Investing in organizing: People power is the real key to change. No
matter who controls the majority in Congress, we’ll always continue to
grow and train our movement to take action across the country and the

[ [link removed] ]If you’re ready to take action for California communities and for the
climate, please sign the petition urging President Biden to act today.

Together, we can demand real action from our leaders and continue to make
progress in our work to secure a better future for the climate.

In solidarity

- Team 350

1 - [ [link removed] ]AccuWeather

2 - [ [link removed] ]CNN


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