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Subject re: Colleen's important message yesterday
Date January 31, 2024 8:15 PM
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John it's Colleen Davis' campaign team.

Especially this week, we're profoundly inspired by Colleen's strength and determination.

Despite the challenges, Colleen has put in countless hours recently to raise support to spread her message of experience on the congressional campaign trail.

As a physician assistant and Delaware's Treasurer, her unique perspective is exactly what we need in this open race to be our next Member of Congress.

Colleen's beginning a successful recovery period after she bravely spoke out about her health condition.

No matter what challenges come her way, Colleen continues to champion the values and policies that matter most to Delawareans and prioritize the most important thing in this race: connecting with our community.

Make no mistake, Colleen's committed as ever to winning this race, but for that, she needs all the grassroot support she can get.

John, as her campaign team, we're not resting until we do our part—can you help raise the $4,115 Colleen needs to meet her End of Month Fundraising Goal?


With gratitude,
Team Davis

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Date: Tues, January 30, 2024 at 3:13 PM
Subject: I have a serious health condition, and I'm taking preventative action
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Subject Line: I have a serious health condition, and I'm taking preventative action
Preview Text: As a physician assistant, it's so important that people know to get checked. As a candidate for Congress, it doesn't change our mission.

John, recently I received some serious news about my health, and I wanted to update you on how I'm taking action as well as what that means for the future.

After a family member was diagnosed with cancer, I was advised to get a screening as well. Test results showed genetic mutations that put me at an increased risk of both breast and ovarian cancer.

Tests like these are critical to putting people in the best position to avoid serious health consequences from cancer.

For me, this test was the first step of a three-step process to protect my health. The next step was a successful surgical procedure in late December to remove my ovaries. Finally I am undergoing a preventative bilateral mastectomy later this week.

As a physician assistant, I urge everyone to keep up with regular medical appointments, tests, and screenings

As a congressional candidate, this health journey only underscores the importance of sending someone with my unique professional and personal experience to serve as Delaware's voice in Congress.

After a brief recovery period, I'll be back out on the campaign trail telling folks my story—from my family losing everything growing up to becoming a physician assistant to serving as Treasurer of Delaware.

Your support throughout this process means the world to me.

Colleen Davis

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