From Brian Schatz <[email protected]>
Subject Abortion is on the ballot in 2024
Date January 31, 2024 5:18 PM
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͏‌Brian Schatz - for Hawaii [[link removed]]
Today, we’re wrapping up the first month of 2024 -- an election year. An election year when reproductive freedom is on the ballot. If you can, please contribute a few bucks to help us organize. Any amount, big or small, would mean a lot. [[link removed]]
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This month also marked the anniversary of Roe v. Wade -- its second anniversary since the Supreme Court overturned the decision and took away reproductive rights from millions of women across America.
We’re fortunate in Hawaii because we legalized abortion in 1970 before Roe was on the books. But not all Americans are so lucky. There are currently 22 states that have banned or restricted abortion access, which has also dealt a blow to women’s health care access overall.
We knew anti-choice extremists wouldn’t stop at Roe , and they haven’t. They’ve taken steps to restrict people’s right to travel out of state for reproductive care and access to abortion medication. So let’s be clear about this: They won’t stop until women’s rights to make their own decisions about their health care are banned everywhere.
For those of us who care about reproductive freedom and women’s health care access, we can’t be passive -- especially not in 2024. We need to be active participants in this year’s elections. [[link removed]]
I will vote to codify Roe into law -- we have a bill that would do just that -- but the fact is we need to elect more Democrats to get it done. We need more Democrats in the Senate. We need a Democratic House. And we need Joe Biden in the White House.
Here’s the good news: Voters are on our side. A majority support abortion rights, and the majority disagree with the decision to overturn Roe .
Reproductive freedom is popular, and it’s already playing out at the polls. Abortion has been on the ballot in seven states since Roe fell, and it’s won every single time -- including in red states. But it took work.
We have to harness our collective determination to restore access to reproductive care everywhere, and we have to motivate people to turn out in 2024 for Democrats on the ballot.
That’s where you can help. We have a deadline tonight, and your contributions support our efforts to elect Democrats in 2024. I’d really appreciate any amount you can spare. [[link removed]]

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PO Box 3828, Honolulu, HI 96812
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