From Sarah Bryner <[email protected]>
Subject How has Citizens United changed campaigns?
Date January 22, 2024 11:42 PM
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Dear Reader,
It’s been 14 years since the Supreme Court ruled the prohibition on independent expenditures by corporations violated the First Amendment. What followed was a massive influx of high dollar donations by wealthy individuals and corporations. This ultimately has hastened the erosion of transparency in American campaign finance.
The United States now sees “dark money” groups donating to super PACs and other groups but without the hard work of investigative journalists, including our own team at OpenSecrets, the public has no way of knowing the true source of this money. Campaigns continue to become more expensive and OpenSecrets just reported that outside spending has already reached over $300 million dollars [[link removed]] for the upcoming presidential and congressional elections.
It is more important than ever for OpenSecrets to track and follow the money influencing our government. People deserve to know who is funding politicians so we can determine whether elected officials are serving all of us, or just those with deep pockets. You can help us continue to shed light on the huge sums of money in politics by making a gift today. Any gift, no matter the size, will help us continue to fight for true government transparency.
Support our work with a gift today! [[link removed]]
If you haven’t seen our data on outside spending [[link removed]] lately, it was just updated with live 2024 data. Please check it out to see just how much money super PACs are taking in from megadonors.
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