From Ginanjar Ariyasuta <[email protected]>
Subject Changemaker: Ginanjar’s view on 2024
Date January 21, 2024 6:22 PM
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John -

My name is Ginanjar, and I’m a Field Organizer for 350 based in Jakarta,

My role involves connecting our vibrant youth activists with practitioners
of community-based renewable energy. My goal is to foster collaborations
that will culminate in community-based renewable energy projects spanning
various cities, in my case in Indonesia. My colleagues around the world
will be doing the same for their regions.

Our aim is ambitious yet profoundly impactful: to showcase that equitable
solutions are not just wanted, but entirely achievable through
community-led renewable energy efforts. These initiatives promote
sustainable energy practices and they highlight the potential for fair and
inclusive solutions in tackling global challenges.

In my own region, I can see that the youth movement is set to be bigger
and more profound than ever. The success of our mobilization efforts in
2023 demonstrated the immense potential and power of the youth in driving
positive change. It inspires confidence that the climate movement in 2024
will continue to be a dynamic force for meaningful and impactful change,
with 350 fighting alongside these activists, supporting wherever we can.

Moreover, with 2024 being an election year for many parts of the world,
including Indonesia, we are gearing up for a significant challenge.
Together, we plan to elevate the issue of the climate crisis and energy
transition to the forefront of public consciousness. It's a difficult
task, but it is crucial that we make people aware of the need and
completely realistic chances for a fair and sustainable future.

And we can’t do this without people like you. Supporters from all over the
world that help us, whether through advocacy, collaboration, or spreading
the word. You contribute to the collective strength needed to address
these challenges head-on.

Do you want to see what else you can do to support the movement? [ [link removed] ]Check
out our get involved page here. Even if you have just a few minutes of
time, there are things you can do.

Thank you for being with us. Here's to a year of empowerment,
collaboration, and impactful change!

In solidarity,

Ginanjar with


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