From Cansın Leylim - <[email protected]>
Subject Changemaker: Cansıns 2024 update
Date January 19, 2024 4:31 PM
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John -

It’s a new year — a year full of new people-led solutions.

I’m Cansın, Associate Director of Global Campaigns at, and last
November, I was at COP28. There, world leaders acknowledged the urgent
need to triple renewable energy by the end of the decade. A historical
agreement, which you can [ [link removed] ]read more about here.

It was amazing to see all our hard work and the efforts of many other
communities come to fruition.

Our primary objective now is to make the just transition a reality.

This is why this year, we're gearing up for grassroots-led actions,
targeting financers that still support fossil fuels and redirecting them
towards community-led renewable energy projects.

There are challenges. Big ones. But we can see opportunities arising. For
example, we’re just one week away from the very first International Day of
Clean Energy. This day was created by the United Nations acknowledging
science, raising awareness, and mobilizing action for a just and inclusive
transition to clean energy for the benefit of people and the planet.

It might not be much, but it’s showing a shift in mindset. A shift for the
energy transition that so many people have been working towards
tirelessly. People like myself, and people like you. Signing petitions,
calling on leaders, engaging our networks, and donating to this critical
work. Your support has been instrumental in our journey, and I'm hopeful
that together, we can continue to make strides towards a more sustainable
and just world.

The unwavering dedication of the climate justice movement truly fuels my
hope for 2024. I’m inspired by the passion and commitment to a
climate-just world. It really gives me the confidence that our fight
alongside communities will endure and prevail. Communities are rising and
we are growing, giving us the strength to face the challenges ahead.

Thank you for standing with us, and if you are looking to start taking
action for the new year, [ [link removed] ]check out ways you can get involved here!

In solidarity,

Cansın with


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