From Tre Graves, <[email protected]>
Subject New year, more wins
Date January 8, 2024 9:44 PM
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Hi John -

Reflecting on 2023 fills us with gratitude for your unwavering dedication
to the climate movement.

Your activism sparked a wave of awareness on real climate
solutions, hammering the fact that we need to keep coal, oil, and gas in
the ground. As we step into 2024, we need to hold leaders accountable for
the promises they made. And this is why we invite you to start the year
with renewed energy and commitment, so they know we are watching their
every step.

John, the
climate movement is powerful because more and more people are taking
action everyday. If we need to reach our goal to end fossil fuels and make
100% renewable energy system a reality this year, we need as many people
as possible to join. Can you commit to sending a message to your friend
now and keep the momentum going?

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Thank you for being a powerhouse supporter. Your passion has surely
created a ripple effect, inspiring more to join the climate movement.

Here’s to a year of more wins and justice for the people and the planet! 💖


Tre for


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