From Team 350 <[email protected]>
Subject [You’re Invited] A conversation about war and climate change
Date January 4, 2024 8:42 PM
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John, you’re invited to join for:

[ [link removed] ]Divest from Militarism, Invest in Life!
A conversation about war and climate change
Wednesday, January 10, 2024, 9 am PT/12 pm ET

Join us and renowned climate journalist Dharna Noor on Zoom for a special
discussion about why we, as climate justice activists, must fight for a
world without war.

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John, did you
know that militarism and war are devastating drivers of climate chaos?

Sprawling militaries — like the United States’ massive network of bases
around the globe — are enormous sources of fossil fuel emissions. In fact,
the U.S. military alone emits more than Portugal and Denmark.^1

Plus, while war rages, it reduces the international community’s
cooperation to tackle the climate crisis and takes resources away from
investments needed to address the impacts of climate change as countries
double down on military spending.

As we start the year with multiple wars happening around the world and an
already escalating climate crisis, these intertwined issues are more
urgent than ever.

That’s why 350 is hosting a conversation about militarism and the climate
crisis on Wednesday, January 10 at 9 am PT/12 pm ET. [ [link removed] ]We invite you to
join us to learn why we, as climate activists, must fight for a world
without war.

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Despite its huge impact, militarism is too often left out of the
conversation and organizing within our climate movement — and it’s time to
change that.

Moderated by Dharna Noor, who recently covered the urgent call by climate
activists to divert military spending to fund climate aid in The
Guardian,^2 this essential conversation will feature:

* Dr. Neta Crawford, Costs of War Project
* Ramón Mejia, About Face & Grassroots Global Justice Alliance
* Ashley LaMont, Honor the Earth
* Zaki Mamdoo,

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email to a friend.

- Team 350

1 - [ [link removed] ]Aljazeera

2 - [ [link removed] ]The Guardian


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