From Rushina Vipani - <[email protected]>
Subject Tonight's deadline
Date December 31, 2023 8:27 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
John -

We set an ambitious End of Year goal of raising $185,000 before midnight

If we miss this goal, major pipelines like Mountain Valley could move
forward because we won't have the resources to stop them. But if we hit
this goal, we won't need to pull back at all. We can forcefully oppose
countless oil and gas pipelines all over the globe, demand investment into
renewable energy and ultimately take down the fossil fuel industry...

I was checking our fundraising totals this morning, and unfortunately
we're falling behind where we hoped to be at this point.

You are an important member of our climate movement, but our records
indicate you have not made an online contribution yet. We could really use
your help today, so if you're able to, now would be an amazing time to
make your first contribution — every donation will be MATCHED 100 percent
by a generous donor.

Official Supporter Record

Email: [email protected]
End of Year Donation Matched?: NOT YET
Deadline: Midnight (December 31, 11:59 PM)
Suggested Contribution:

[ [link removed] ]DONATE NOW

(If you recently donated to, or donated from another email
address, thank you! It can take some time for our records to update, so if
you notice any discrepancies, please reply to this email and we will
follow up. Thank you for your understanding!)

The fight for our planet has never been more urgent. But unfortunately,
charitable giving to non-profit organizations (like is trending
significantly downwards in 2023.

That puts us in a tough position: either we scale back our plans for the
planet, or supporters like you chip in what you can. relies on individual contributions from people like
you, John, reading emails like
this one. We don't have the deep, endless pockets Big Oil does or
unlimited sums of money to lobby politicians.

But what we do have is thousands of supporters all over the world. And if
there's one thing we've learned, it's that people hold all the power.

I know that if every person reading this email chips in whatever they can
spare today, we can fully fund our ambitious climate-saving campaigns and
take down the fossil fuel industry in 2024.

This is our chance to invest in a better future. Are you ready to make
that investment?

[ [link removed] ]Chip in today to help make 2024 the year when we turn things around for
our planet. Every donation today goes TWICE as far for the planet.

Thank you for your support at this crucial moment.

In solidarity,

Rushina Vipani
Finance Director

[ [link removed] ]$3.50 becomes $7

[ [link removed] ]$35 becomes $70

[ [link removed] ]$50 becomes $100

[ [link removed] ]$150 becomes $300

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