From Candice Fortin, <[email protected]>
Subject Charred memories
Date December 30, 2023 3:37 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
2023 was a record-breaking year — but it broke all the wrong
records, John.

2023 is destined to go into the books as the hottest year globally, with
the most destructive floods and the worst wildfires in recorded history.

No one should have to watch their home or livelihood being taken by
climate disasters. And yet, too many people have had to live through this
unimaginable reality this year. This image is not just a snapshot; it's a
stark reminder of the urgent action needed to protect our planet.

[ [link removed] ]This is what the climate crisis looks like

This is what the climate crisis looks like. And we're determined to make
sure 2024 doesn't look the same.

That is why we have HUGE plans for 2024 to stop pipelines all over the
globe and build climate campaigns that replace fossil fuels with renewable
energy. Plans that need funding and support from people like you. So I'm
reaching out for your help,

[ [link removed] ]Can you make a contribution today so we can fully fund EVERY climate
campaign for 2024?

[ [link removed] ]CONTRIBUTE

In this record year, wildfires blazed across the Northern Hemisphere, the
smoke and emissions staining the skies for thousands of miles. Canada bore
the brunt, where over 600% more acres were burned than in the average

But wildfire destruction also happened here in the United States, Greece,
Spain, and Portugal, to name a few. There is no doubt that climate change
fueled these infernos, leaving a trail of charred memories and a dark
reminder of our planet's cry for help.^2

These fires are just one element of a series of record-shattering climate
disasters that have destroyed lives and livelihoods across the globe in

The future of our climate and our planet rests on how quickly we can make
the switch to fair, renewable energy. And there's no more time to
waste, John:

[ [link removed] ]Can you make your first
contribution to support our End of Year fundraising goal of $185,000? Our
December 31 deadline is approaching, and we need to fully fund every
climate campaign in 2024.

Every action, every gift, every positive step we can take to mitigate
these disasters will save lives.

We can't give in to fear and anger. There is still so much left to fight
for. Together, we can make 2024 the year we safeguard our planet and

Thank you for being by our side.


Candice Fortin
U.S. Campaign Manager

1 - [ [link removed] ]ABC News
2 - [ [link removed] ]Center for Disaster Philanthropy

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