From Ellie May - <[email protected]>
Subject You deserve an explanation
Date December 29, 2023 5:21 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
John -

You've probably noticed that we've been sending more emails lately asking
you to donate to our climate movement. And I think you deserve an
explanation for why — especially this week — your contribution is so
important. Please give me a chance to explain:

 1. In less than four days, we close the books on the 2024 budget. What we
raise between now and then determines the amount of resources we have
to run climate campaigns around the globe.
 2. Our climate movement is up against the richest and most politically
entrenched special interest groups on the planet, with seemingly every
resource at their disposal to influence climate policy.
 3. We are falling behind where we need to be at this point if we are
going to hit our fundraising goal of $185,000 before midnight on
December 31.

So with time running out quickly, I hope you can understand why I am

[ [link removed] ]Can I count on you to make a
contribution today to help us grow our climate movement in every corner of
the globe?

[ [link removed] ]CONTRIBUTE

From this point on, the fight against the fossil industry only gets
harder. The stakes are only getting higher. And time only gets shorter as
we rapidly approach a "point of no return" for our planet.

You and I know that our opponents will stop at nothing to protect their
fossil fuel profits and enrich themselves at whatever cost to our people
and our planet.

But we have something they will never have — and that's
YOU, John, and tens of
thousands of climate activists around the globe who are ready to do what
it takes to stop them.

So if you've been waiting to make your
first contribution, I
humbly ask that you consider chipping in today:

[ [link removed] ]Please chip in
to help build the campaigns we need to end the era of fossil fuels. Every
single contribution today will go straight toward defeating the fossil
fuel industry.

there is not a single more important
moment than this one to take action in the climate movement. Thank you
again. For everything.

In solidarity,

Ellie May for

[ [link removed] ]CONTRIBUTE

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