From Adam Garber, CeaseFirePA Education Fund <[email protected]>
Subject These firsthand stories reveal the truth about gun violence
Date December 6, 2023 3:02 PM
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Behind most gun deaths is a system that’s designed to be deadly.

Hey Gun Violence Prevention Advocate,
I’m really excited to share a huge new project with you that we’ve been working on for months and is finally ready to launch...

It’s time to face the truth: gun violence isn’t random or inevitable. It’s not driven by mental health, video games, or too few armed guards. It’s driven by easy access to guns.

Now, Pennsylvanians are sharing their stories of the losses suffered under a system that’s Deadly by Design . Because they know the best way to save the next life is to change that system .
Hear from survivors how their pain could’ve been prevented if only the solutions at our disposal were used. Click below to watch now. [[link removed]]

Before her son was murdered, Edie lost her husband and brother-in-law to gun suicide. It’s a highly-impulsive act where having easy access to an unsecured gun drastically increases the chances of dying. These are Micky’s and Mark’s gun suicide stories, as told by Edie.
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When Lynnette’s mother decided to leave her controlling husband, things got violent. If there was a way to temporarily remove the gun from the situation, it could have gone differently. This is Lynnette’s story of her parents.
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Kareem was killed by an illegal gun that was trafficked by a suburban couple who took advantage of a long-abused loophole to evade accountability. A simple law to require that lost & stolen guns be reported could have made the difference. This is Jeani’s story of her son, Kareem.
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Boaz was going through life struggles that could send any of us into a crisis. If his gun had been securely stored, maybe that short pause in access would have been enough to allow him to still be with us. This is Dan’s story of his step-brother, Boaz.
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When William was murdered, Philadelphia had local ordinances that may have stopped the killer from obtaining the gun. But the rules couldn’t be enforced because of state “preemption” of local gun laws. This is William’s story as told by his father, Stanley.
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The deadliest mass killing in modern PA history was made possible by an AR-15. It’s the weapon of choice for mass shooters. And sales have skyrocketed in the last 20 years because of a policy choice. This is Dan’s story of barely surviving the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.
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Too many Pennsylvanians with the power to make change – elected leaders, yes, but ultimately the citizens to whom they answer – they don’t understand how policies that seem abstract could concretely prevent specific gun deaths. So we’re making the connection directly. We’re bringing these stories to the front of the conversation about how all Pennsylvanians can live a life free from gun violence. Join us and hear in survivors’ own words how our system is Deadly by Design . [[link removed]]
Adam Garber
Executive Director
CeaseFirePA Education Fund
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