From Mark Kelly <[email protected]>
Subject Beyond the pale
Date November 15, 2023 10:55 PM
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[1]Mark Kelly for Senate

Team, a quick note from me.

Look, as a veteran, as a member of the Senate, as an American citizen who loves this country, Trump’s comments over the weekend were beyond the pale.

To call your political opponents vermin, to view them as a greater threat than terrorist groups or authoritarian leaders like Putin… that’s disturbing, dangerous language.

But more than that, it reminded me how important the work we do together is.

If we hadn’t run a historic campaign in Arizona in 2020, Trump might still be in the White House. If we didn’t beat the odds in 2022 and hold the Senate, Trump’s handpicked candidates would be calling the shots right now.

You made that happen. Don’t forget — don’t ever forget — that you have real power. And together, we can do great things.

That’s why I need you today. It’s our mid-month deadline. I know it’s November, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. But we’re doing important work in Arizona and around the country, all towards the goal of defeating Kari Lake once and for all and holding control in the Senate.

And here’s something I think about a lot: If we can defeat Kari Lake in Arizona, we can probably beat Trump again, too.

We can make history together again. But if you aren’t with us, it’ll really hurt our chances. So please, I’m asking humbly:

Chip in to my campaign today. Help us beat Kari Lake. Anything you can afford will help.

DONATE: [link removed]

Thanks a lot. I really mean it.


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