From Adam Garber, CeaseFirePA Action <[email protected]>
Subject 175 days of inaction: not one day more
Date November 13, 2023 6:33 PM
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Gun Violence Prevention Advocate,
I just finished standing with legislative leaders and gun safety champions in Harrisburg to launch a new campaign that will shape our work for the coming months: Not One Day More. We unveiled a new installation in the PA Capitol – a clock that counts every day that gun safety bills have sat without Senate action while Pennsylvanians die.
It's been 175 days since the PA House passed Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) and universal background check bills [1] – a historic day that was only achievable because of you. But too many Pennsylvanians have died since then, and they didn’t have to, if the Senate would follow the House’s lead.
175 days of obstruction and wasted time in the Senate, with hundreds of Pennsylvanians dying preventable deaths from the gun violence epidemic while bipartisan solutions shamefully languish untouched on the other side of the Capitol. We cannot wait one day more. We need your voice now to put as much pressure as possible on Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Lisa Baker and Majority Leader Joe Pittman to take action. [[link removed]]

Tell Senate Leadership: Not One Day More [[link removed]]
26 days after House passage, a state trooper was shot and killed in Juniata County. The shooter had been barred from purchasing firearms under PA law, but the legal gap allowed him to access a long gun from a private seller, evading the need for a background check. [2] This is exactly why we need to close the private sale long gun exemption and institute truly universal background checks.

93 days after House passage, a shootout between a troubled man and law enforcement that locked down and terrified a Pittsburgh neighborhood could have been stopped by an ERPO. [3] The extreme risk warning signs were there – but the law wasn’t.
The Senate must stop the legislative logjam that is fatally holding up these life-saving bills.
You are part of the overwhelming majority of Pennsylvanians who support these policies. Pennsylvanians overall support ERPOs by 80% (including 70% of gun owners) and support universal background checks by 89% (including 85% of gun owners and 81% of Republicans). [4]
On the day these bills were passed in May, Governor Shapiro said that he would sign them into law if they got to his desk. [5] What we need is the Senate to take action. And to make that happen, we need you to make your voice heard and be louder than the gun extremists who have hijacked Harrisburg. Take one minute today to be a part of our campaign launch and tell Senate leaders that we cannot wait one day more for action on gun safety [[link removed]].

Adam Garber
Executive Director
CeaseFirePA Action
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