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Subject What does “created equal” mean?
Date October 30, 2023 4:30 PM
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One of the reasons young people are so attracted to the idea of socialism is the promised equality of outcomes.They want life to be fair for everyone, and for all to have wellness, happiness, and financial security. But if the end goal of socialism is "equality", that begs the question: what is equality? Are equality and liberty consistent one with the other or are they in conflict?

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25-page commentary , "Created Equal", legendary economist and Hoover fellow Milton Friedman answers these and other questions in great depth. You'll learn what Thomas Jefferson meant when he wrote the words "created equal" in the Declaration of Independence and how the meaning has changed through American history. You'll see how Friedman brilliantly illustrates differences between equality of opportunity and equality of outcome.

With many today striving to increase government power in the name of a concept of "equality", Friedman's words still ring true for those who believe that a society that puts freedom first will end up with both greater freedom and greater equality.
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Please follow this link to get your free copy of "Created Equal" now.


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