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Subject What will they do next...
Date March 4, 2020 9:43 PM
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--Tulsi Gabbard for President--

Jack —

Last night, we made history. Tulsi — the first female combat veteran, Hindu, and American Samoan to ever run for the presidency — secured a Super Tuesday delegate, putting her on the board with Senators, a former VP, and second-time presidential candidates … BEATING out billionaires who spent HUNDREDS of MILLIONS and failed to secure even a single delegate.

This is something to be proud of, Jack. Day after day, week after week, $19 at a time, our genuine grassroots campaign is allowing Tulsi to keep speaking truth to power against enormous establishment resistance to her historic candidacy. Together, we JUST hit our goal of $1 million by Super Tuesday, and now we need to keep up the momentum.

It won’t be easy. With last night’s delegate, Tulsi passed the threshold to make the national debate stage that she’s been shut out of for months. And while the DNC moved the goal posts by LOWERING them to let billionaire Bloomberg on the stage in February, we can expect them to do the opposite if it means keeping Tulsi off that stage.

We can’t just sit back and let that happen, Jack. Tulsi’s unwavering truth telling and soldier’s heart is more needed on that stage now more than ever as the establishment machine pulls the strings to orchestrate a victory for the elite over the people. Will you chip in $19 now to help her keep standing up for a government of, by, and for the people? chip in [[link removed]]

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We can’t count on the DNC, the corporate media, super PACs, or name recognition to move us to the next phase. We can only count on each other, and that’s been enough to make history so far.

The corporate media and the establishment they serve decided a long time ago that they’d do everything in their power to silence Tulsi’s voice, distort her platform, and dismiss our movement.

They don’t want Tulsi on the national debate stage taking on the military industrial complex, speaking the truth about the cost of war. They don’t want her calling on Tom Perez to resign and talking about how to reform the party. They don’t want her to, once again, become the most Googled candidate of the evening. They want to starve her of oxygen, and our campaign of momentum. Silence us. Count us out.

They don’t know what we’re made of. Can Tulsi count on you today to keep up the good fight?

C O N T R I B U T E [[link removed]]


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