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Subject did you see this story?
Date October 5, 2023 5:36 PM
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Did you see this story in the New York Times today? [1]
A new analysis by the American Academy of Pediatrics [2] found that "the rate of firearm fatalities among children under 18 increased by 87 percent from 2011 through 2021 in the United States. The death rate attributable to car accidents fell by almost half, leaving firearm injuries the top cause of accidental death in children."
What makes these tragedies even worse is that they're entirely preventable -- and that's what makes me mad. Safe firearm storage laws are proven to prevent child gun deaths. Yet PA is one of a minority of states that lacks this law.
State Rep. Tim Briggs has introduced legislation in Harrisburg that would make this basic act of responsible gun ownership a legal duty. See our original message from last month below -- it looks like you've not yet made your voice heard, but there's still time to ask your State Rep. to co-sponsor this life-saving bill. Children's lives are on the line. Will you stand with us for a safer PA for our kids?
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Adam Garber
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At least 21 shootings have taken place in Pennsylvania schools since 2015. 1 Kids, parents, and teachers all live in fear that the next shooting will happen in their school, and everyone is asking themselves: “How can we stay safe?”
Some have suggested adding armed guards in K-12 schools–despite years of research showing that this doesn’t reduce fatalities. 2 Making schools feel like prisons isn’t the way to keep kids safe. Preventing access to guns is.
Did you know that over 3/4 of school shooters access their firearms from the home of a parent or close relative? 3
If the adults in these troubled young people’s lives had simply been responsible and securely locked up their weapons , untold suffering and trauma could have been avoided. And there is a bill in Harrisburg that would require just that.
House Bill 1629 would require the safe storage of firearms in homes where children may be present. 4 We need your help to get it passed. Click the button below to contact your State Representatives and ask them to cosponsor this bill.
TAKE ACTION [[link removed]]
Safe storage legislation is proven to prevent gun violence –similar legislation has been implemented in 26 states, preventing school shootings, youth suicides, and unintentional shootings. 5
We want all kids in Pennsylvania to feel safe and all parents to feel confident when they send their children back to school that no harm will come to them.
We need solutions to violence that are proven to work. Support from your State Representative could make the difference in getting this life-saving legislation passed and signed into law. Please take action now to support this bill. [[link removed]]
Adam Garber
Executive Director
CeaseFirePA Action
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