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Date September 30, 2023 2:04 PM
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September AVFCA Blog Posts!

In case you missed our last few articles published in September by A Voice for Choice Advocacy writers, links are below...Be sure to sign up for AVFCA's Substack to get these weekly articles [link removed] [[link removed]] or check our Blog [link removed] [[link removed]] .

[[link removed]] “Do This; Do That” or Else: Pressure From Family, Friends, and Society to Abide by Mainstream Culture
In this article, we focused on the mental health impacts of peer pressure, and specifically, the pressure to conform to mainstream narratives. Many people experienced blame, shame, and bullying during the “pandemic,” while being forced to “do the right thing.” If you can relate, or know someone who is struggling with these concerns, you’ll find this story valuable.

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[[link removed]] An Exposé on Sunlight: Bathe, Avoid, or Find a Middle Ground?
If sunbathing is your thing, or you’re worried about its impact on your health, you might want to read this week’s article. We covered a bit of history on sunlight, cautions of using sunscreens, research on sun exposure to your skin, and the link to vitamin D.

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[[link removed]] Plant Toxins: How These Antinutrients May Be Injuring You

Lectins, aka “antinutrients,” are found in a variety of plant foods, and can be harmful to your health, particularly if you have a high sensitivity to them. They’ve been linked to digestive distress, as well as autoimmune disorders.

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[[link removed]] Human Consumption of Microplastics: 2023 and Beyond

It’s true … We've come to the point of plastic-overload in our environment, where studies show we now have teeny tiny bits of microplastics inside our bodies. Research is currently being done to assess the impact on human health; clearly we must take action.

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During the month of September, A Voice for Choice Advocacy brought awareness to specific observance days by sharing our original stories that matched these themes:

Mold Awareness Month : "Environmental Mold: Confronting This Fuzzy Fungi Before It Gets the Best of You”
Toxic mold … How to detect it in your home, and what to do if you’re experiencing negative health symptoms that won’t go away, and you suspect mold might be the cause. We researched testing protocols, and included real life mold exposure stories. [link removed] [[link removed]]

California Admission Day : "California: Shall I Stay or Shall I Go?”
Our health freedom rights have been compromised, shifting the course of our lives—on the schoolyard, in the workplace, and how we raise our kids. There’s a saying, “wherever you go, there you are.” But how does that motto apply to hightailing it out of California? [link removed] [[link removed]]

Food Safety Awareness Month : "“Natural Flavors” May Entice You To Buy, but What Do the Flavorists Know That You Don’t?”
A deep dive into the average shopping cart may yield unexpected concerns. After all, products that contain added flavors make up 90% of Americans' grocery purchases. Among other requirements, the manufacturer must ensure the organic natural flavor “not contain propylene glycol, any artificial preservative, is not extracted with the chemical solvent/cleaning agent, hexane,” and is non-GMO. [link removed] [[link removed]]

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month : "Early-Onset Cancer: Investigating Rising Rates in Folks 50 Years and Younger”
In this story we looked at environmental factors contributing to early-onset cancer, age 50 and younger. Primarily the article focused on Big Chem (pesticides), the standard American diet, and EMFs. We also touched into cancer in relation to COVID-19 vaccinations, psychological stress, and GMOs. [link removed] [[link removed]]

National Cleanup Day : "To Disinfect or Not? History, Implications, and Nontoxic Options”
In weighing out the pros and cons, as well as health risks of disinfectants, we had to question where illness actually comes from, and how the body heals. We shared a study by Green Science Policy Institute, that suggested decreasing your use of chemical disinfectants is a GOOD thing, and does not promote the spread of COVID-19. Of course, we provide you with nontoxic options for cleaning and disinfecting. [link removed] [[link removed]]

World Patient Safety Day : "Monitoring Vaccine Safety: How to Report Injuries & Reactions”
The research can be hard to untangle, and knowing who to trust… overwhelming. Increasing your awareness about vaccine injury, and knowing how to report adverse events (AEs) for a loved one or yourself, is a step you can take toward bodily autonomy and personal accountability. [link removed] [[link removed]]

Organic September : "Foster Self-sufficiency by Reclaiming the Lost Art of Homemade Food Preparation and Preservation”
Fruits, vegetables, herbs, and meats can be dehydrated, and with proper storage last up to a year or more. Even without buying in bulk, preparing your own snacks such as dried fruits, veggies, and beef jerky can save you money and be a rewarding experience. [link removed] [[link removed]]

Self-Care Awareness Month : "Beyond Fashion: Examining the Impact of Clothing on Your Health”
When it comes to worldwide fiber production, synthetics make up 65% of our clothing, and this includes toxins such as petroleum and BPA from plastic. And if you think that wearing “natural” cotton is a safe choice, conventionally-growth cotton is one the most insecticide-intensive crops. We do of course provide healthy alternatives, and help you find where to source them. [link removed] [[link removed]]

EMF Radiation Safety Day : "Recognizing the “Smart Meter” as a Contributor to Your Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Exposure”
These digital devices emit EMFs—electromagnetic frequencies—that the research shows can be dangerous to your health. You definitely don’t want to be sleeping on the other side of the wall from where your smart meter is mounted! We give you ideas for EMF protection, as well as the possibility of opting-out altogether from the smart meter scenario. [link removed] [[link removed]]

National Fruits & Veggies Month : "Impact on Your Health: The Disconnection Between “Fruits and Veggies” and the Nutrients They Contain”
We looked at the depletion of nutrients in today’s fruits and veggies. Whether that’s from contamination, traveling vast distances, or being sprayed with a gas for ripening, after being picked too early to support profits. [link removed] [[link removed]]

International Food Loss and Waste Awareness Day : "The Environmental Impact From COVID-19 Product Waste”
While the issue of proper disposal of medical waste is a global one, wealthier nations tend to have better medical disposal systems in place, even before the pandemic, whereas poorer nations tend to struggle with such disposal. Should masks become mandatory again, or if you make the choice to wear one on your own, there are reusable options. [link removed] [[link removed]]

National Coffee Day : "Coffee is a Moldy Pesticide-Laden Crop: Is It Worth the High?”
With such a large amount of coffee consumption, wanting to know how the nation’s beverage of choice affects human health is an understandable desire. What’s not commonly known is that your coffee may contain a number of contaminants, such as mercury, lead, and residue from pesticides. These toxic elements arise from the industrial methods used to farm and process coffee beans to meet the massive demand for that cup of java. [link removed] [[link removed]]

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