Super Tuesday In:

Hey  — did you catch Natalie’s email? We need to make sure we’re reaching as many voters as possible ahead of Super Tuesday and every donation we receive helps us keep our volunteers on the phone.

Can you chip in $100 right now to help us reach an additional 4,000 voters in a Super Tuesday state near you? 




Finance Director,

Weld 2020


---- forwarded message -----

Hey — Wanted to give you a quick campaign update ahead of the weekend. Our Super Tuesday Get Out The Vote efforts are in full swing and we need your help.

We need folks like you to help us reach voters in key states to make sure they are voting for Bill on Tuesday. Can you help out GOTV efforts today by jumping on the phone to help us reach our supporters?


Can’t jump on the phone? No worries, you can still help us by making a contribution to our campaign to keep our volunteers on the phone.

We’ve done the math, and for every $25 contribution we raise, we can reach roughly 400 voters. That’s HUGE. Have a little bit more to spare? Every $100 you chip in helps us reach an additional 4,000 voters.

Do you think you could rush a contribution now so that we can keep our phone bankers going?


Thanks so much,


Chief of Staff,

Weld 2020

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