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Subject Paul Maynard MP's Letter from Westminster
Date September 20, 2023 1:15 PM
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Dear john,

When Parliament returns in September it usually hits the ground running, with so many issues pent up over the summer to be explored. It also sees the drumbeat in the constituency pick up – not that I take August at a leisurely pace.

So let’s have the drumbeat of some of the highlights:
* I’ve pursued numerous issues related to the leakage at Fleetwood Sewage Works and its consequences for the local area. When the Environment Agency issues precautionary warnings based on the likelihood of heavy rainfall, this does not mean that a sewage leak has necessarily occurred and when an overflow is used it is not an automatic indicator that sewage has been released. The EA then suspends testing of bathing waters – yet then also warns people not to swim, with an impact on our tourist industry. Whilst we absolutely need to crack down on the overflows, we also need greater transparency from the EA on the volume and toxicity of any leak, and look again at whether precautionary warnings in advance of heavy rainfall currently err too much on the side of caution when not a drop of rain falls the next day.
* I have also been pursuing enquires about the new development at Bourne Hill – a new estate I opposed – and the truth about the archaeological work there. As Wyre have told me: “Following the completion of the fieldwork on the site last week, which has proceeded in accordance with the standard process for managing archaeological sites in the planning process, Oxford Archaeology North are currently working on an post excavation assessment report of the finds and the environmental samples to determine how much work will be needed to analyse and publish the findings, providing valuable insight into these exciting discoveries. At this very early stage it is too soon to know what the outcome might be from the findings and the council awaits the submission of the relevant reports from Ecclestone Homes and OAN for approval. Again the council will rely, as it always does, on the expertise of LCC in reviewing these matters. For reassurance, no development may take place until this archaeological
matter is settled, although to the public there may appear to be development taking place I can confirm that only necessary site investigation and exploratory work is underway; such as archaeology survey work”.
+ I am therefore reassured that the earthworks currently observable are the continuation of the archaeological work rather than an attempt to continue the building work. As no development can continue until the archaeological matters are settled, it is important in my view that the archaeologists reach a determination as to the value of what they discovered, and the impact it may have on any development. It does not appear to be the case that the developers are in any way obstructing the archaeologists work. Whether archaeologists deem there is sufficient of value to preserve is beyond my expertise, but should it be, we will need to think carefully as to the next steps.
* Important meeting with Integrated Care Board to look at dentistry. Key message was a focus on addressing pain, trauma and swelling via 111 that then refers you into the system for onward treatment (i.e. more than just a visit to emergency dentist). As funds become available they will broaden the provision they make parallel to NHS dentists to support child oral health, in particular, as well as local initiatives to improve retention within the NHS of dentists. I was unaware that dentists who want to work in the NHS have to train a year longer and that it is therefore quite attractive to go straight into private work – I would have thought requiring at least a five year commitment to the NHS given taxpayers fund the training is the least we should expect. (This is a very short summary of a meeting I could write 1000 words on – and I am not giving up on this at all).
* My first Question on first day back at Work & Pensions was “In parts of my constituency, the healthy life expectancy is now just 53 to 54—a true regional inequality if ever there was one. That means that people—even those in the Minister’s age group—are dropping out of work far too early, which is not good for them or the economy. What steps is the Department taking as a consequence of the health and disability White Paper to address this serious inequality?”
+ For me, this is one of the fundamental challenges on the Fylde Coast – helping people stay in work longer, helping those who want to get back or progress in work to do so, but making those who for whatever reason cannot are not left behind.
* I also hosted the group I run promoting Assistive Technology – a key tool to achieve the objective above. Technology moves so fast that people with disabilities who a decade ago would have been wholly isolated can now participate much more fully in daily life. How we “The Secretary of State rightly points to the tripling of the number of people receiving the highest award after a work capability assessment. Does he share my concern that a false assumption is growing not only that those people cannot work, but that they should not work, which therefore writes them off? Do we not have a serious moral obligation to remove all sorts of barriers that come between those individuals and the workplace? His approach is exactly right in trying to target those obstacles that most get in the way of people enjoying the agency and autonomy that activity in the workplace brings.”
* Raised the issue about pedestrian crossings on Sevenoaks Drive, concerns about road safety on Eastpines Drive and held a site meeting about speeding on Warbreck Hill Road.

* Attended Macmillan Cancer Support Coffee Morning to learn more about cancer diagnosis locally
* Got Lancashire Council to agree to install much-needed restricted bus stop markings on Thornton Gate
* Raised the issue of the swan attack in Stanley Park with the Council
* Visited Downing Street for a ‘towns summit’ to make the case for Blackpool to continue to receive significant Government investment so we can complete our turnaround plans
* Enjoyed the Blackpool Male Voice Choir Centenary Concert in the Spanish Suite at the Winter Gardens
* Pressed Wyre Council over refilling of Fleetwood Boating Lake after it being used to extinguish the fire at the Mount pub.
* Attended Wyre Flood Forum alongside representatives of Cleveleys and Thornton Flood Action Groups to chase up outstanding action points from July’s flooding event. I have been very concerned that key bits of infrastructure such as the pumping station at the YMCA were out of action when they were most needed. A lot of work has already occurred but we now need a step-change in technology with better telemetry to anticipate problems rather than have to rely on manual operation when it may be too late.
* Visited Rossall Beach Observation Point to meet with National Coastwatch Institution volunteers from across the Fylde.
* Organised Epilepsy Society drop-in to raise awareness of what people should do if they witness a fit – essentially keep calm, find a cushion and call for help.
* Spoke to students at Highfield School in Blackpool about why a career in public service matters
* Met with local government officials to talk about my work with Trussell Trust on ending the need for food banks
* Voted to ban nitrous oxide, the canisters of which seem to litter the constituency.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Maynard MP
01253 473071

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