From Sen. Donny Olson <[email protected]>
Subject ULU News - Senator Olson's Legislative Update
Date February 28, 2020 12:25 AM
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31st Alaska Legislature

February 27, 2020

Bills, Bills, Bills!
The final deadline passed last week for introducing personal legislation. Below
is a summary of bills I will be working on for the rest of the session:
SB 101 - Ashley Johnson-Barr Day - tomorrow on Friday February 28th, this bill will
be on the Senate floor for a vote and moved over to the House. I am trying to get
this passed through both bodies as Ashley Johnson-Barr's birthday approaches, which
is March 12th. I continue to receive increasing amounts of community support from
across the state as it moves forward.

Senator Olson and staff Seth Beaver from Kotzebue presenting the bill to the Senate
State Affairs committee on February 25th.
SB 172 - Medical Board Sunset - extends the termination date for the State Medical
SB 184 - CDQ Fisheries tax credit - extends the termination date for the tax credit
SB 202 / HB 251 - Prohibited Commercial Lease Provisions - prohibits the use of
certain restrictive provisions in leases of space for business use
SB 203 - Language Bill, limited certificates - companion bill to HB 24, which addresses
limited teaching certificates in regards to instruction in a language other than
English. The House bill is still being worked on in its last House committee.
SB 228 / HB 251 - This bill addresses ANCSA corporate shares inheritance in the
event that the deceased passes without a legally recognized form of a will or testament
under state law. This will create a new section in Alaska's inheritance law to follow
before it defaults to the state's intestate succession laws. I am holding off on
submitting hearing requests until more direction is provided by the ANCSA groups.
SB 231 - VPSO Grants - As Co-chairs of the VPSO Working Group, Representative Kopp
and I introduced legislation to implement the recommendations from the VPSO Working
Group Report (the report was approved last month). If passed, it will put into
statute the regulations that the VPSO program has been following with the changes
recommended in the report. The grant management function would be moved to the
Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development; and some of the restrictions
on the use of the grant funds would be loosened. Representative Kopp's bill, HB
287, may have its' first hearing next week in the House Tribal Affairs committee.
We hope to have our first hearing, on SB 231, the week of March 9-13 in Senate
State Affairs. (However, neither have been scheduled yet. Next week's schedule
comes out later today).
For more information on each bill (Sponsor Statements, sectional analysis, letters
of support and supporting documents), it can be found by searching the bill number
within the BASIS website: [link removed] [[link removed]]
Don't forget to file for your PFD!
The deadline to apply for this year's PFD is March 31st. To file online or find
out more information on where to find a paper application, please visit: [link removed]
As part of the new online voter registration system, after you apply for your PFD,
at the end of your application, a link will be provided for you to register to vote.
Elizabeth Peratrovich Dollar Coins
Constituents coming through our Juneau office will be receiving the new Elizabeth
Peratrovich Coins:

For those interested in ordering these collector coins, more information can be
found at:
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[[link removed]]
Constituent Visitors
Many thanks to those individuals who take the time out of their busy schedules to
come visit my office when they are in Juneau. My decisions are guided by the input
of those I represent. I truly appreciate hearing from constituents over their concerns.

Senator Olson visiting with Kawerak Head Start
Thank you for taking the time to read my ULU Newsletter.
Best wishes and be safe,

Senator Donald Olson
Toll free: 1.800.597.3707
Email: [email protected]


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