From Adam Garber, CeaseFirePA Action <[email protected]>
Subject we won’t back down...especially after this
Date September 13, 2023 4:02 PM
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Meredith prepares to testify in front of the PA House Judiciary Committee, March 23, 2023 (photo credit: Michael Mason)
Gun Violence Prevention Advocate,
Meredith Elizalde’s 14-year old son, Nick, was murdered last year outside Philadelphia’s Roxborough High School after a football practice. 1 It was one of the dozen school-related shootings in PA since the spike in youth violence that coincided with the pandemic. 2
Just months after the tragedy, we helped Meredith testify in front of the PA House Judiciary Committee as part of our March For Our Lives: PA Advocacy Day .
Gun extremists were also there that day. And you won’t believe what they did.
"After I shared my testimony, which was very descriptive about how I watched Nick get murdered, couldn't save him, held him as he died, as I left the room, they laughed at me and mocked me and they were wearing their AR pins," said Meredith. 3
We must continue to stand up for survivors like Meredith and demand that our lawmakers take action to make our kids safe in their schools.
Your donation today will make sure that we can.
For the first time in more than a decade, we have a gun safety majority in the Pennsylvania State House. The gun-lobby backed extremists do not speak for Pennsylvanians. That’s why we were able to pass two life-saving bills out of the House with bipartisan support this spring. 4
Here's how you can help power this important work: Our new fiscal year started this summer, and we're already behind on our fundraising goals. Can you help?
GIVE TODAY [[link removed]]
With the gun safety majority in the PA House, we will continue to work to ensure our kids and all Pennsylvanians can live their lives free from gun violence.
We are powered by our members. By people who believe a life free from gun violence is possible and provide the resources we need to stay in the fight.
Thank you for supporting Meredith and joining this important work.
Please give today [[link removed]] .
Adam Garber
Executive Director
CeaseFirePA Action
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