From Caitlin, TULSI2020 <[email protected]>
Subject I’m worried for the first time
Date February 26, 2020 12:22 PM
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--Tulsi Gabbard for President--

Jack —

In four days, we close the books on our second FEC deadline of 2020 — the last one before Super Tuesday. I have to tell you something, Jack; I’m really worried for the first time since we launched this bold campaign to speak truth to power.

Everyone — including the media and establishment elite who have been trying to silence and count us out since Day 1 — will be looking at these numbers. These people are itching to write us off and close the books on our story. We cannot let them write it.

As it stands right now we’re still $301,000 away from our absolute bottom-line goal of $1 million — and if we don’t raise at least $75,000 in the next 48 hours, we’ll need to pull back on our Super Tuesday ad spend in markets where Tulsi is primed to have an outsized impact. This is a make or break moment, Jack: Can Tulsi count on you for $12 today? [[link removed]]

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When Tulsi made a personal commitment to each one of us to stay in this fight for as long as possible as a strong, unwavering voice and advocate for We, The People — this is why:

No other candidate is willing to risk rocking the boat in an election by speaking out against anti-democratic maneuvers by the party establishment that undermine the voice of the people.

No other candidate has the credibility to keep speaking up against the enormous cost of unconstitutional regime change wars and new Cold War; or the courage to take on the military industrial complex and the chickenhawks who profit from it.

No other candidate is consistently speaking truth to power, regardless of the political cost.

Has this bold approach come at a cost? You bet it has — you’ve seen it. Tulsi has had to fight for every single second and square inch of media coverage she’s received, in the face of intense media blackouts, baseless attacks and coordinated smear campaigns.

Is it worth it? 100% yes. Unlike her opponents, when Tulsi decided to reject super PAC and special interest money she knew that meant relying 100% on $5, $10, $19 at a time to power this grassroots campaign. That's something you can be proud to be part of.

But that awesome fact comes with a big risk, and an increasingly urgent responsibility: If people like you reading this email right now don’t continue to give to emails like this, we will run out of money. Unlike Bloomberg and Steyer, we don’t have billions in the bank. Unlike Bernie Sanders, we haven’t been running for years and growing the largest small dollar fundraising list in the nation. Unlike EVERY other candidate besides Bernie, we are not relying on Super PAC funding to stay in this race.

Tulsi ONLY has all of us, and that’s always been enough to meet the ambitious goals we've set together.

We can reach our Super Tuesday Goal — I know it — but it will require each one of us stepping up right now to make a donation to get us back on track. Can Tulsi count on you for $12 today, Jack? [[link removed]]

Thank you for all that you do —
Caitlin Pomerantz
Deputy Campaign Director

PO Box 75255 Kapolei HI 96707

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