Hi Friend,

We're ONE WEEK out!

District 50 voters have told me they've had enough of all the negative ads. I bet you have too. 

So let's do something about it!


I'm from our district, and I've never wavered on our shared conservative values. I'm 100% Pro-Life, a former Pastor, and have received top ratings from key conservative and faith based groups

We need to call as many of our like-minded neighbors as possible to let them know that we don't have to compromise! 

A vote for me is a vote to defend our values.

By clicking on "Call for Brian" above, you can send an email to our volunteer coordinator to let him know you'll help make phone calls to get our message out

If you aren't able to make calls between now and March 3rd, would you make a contribution to get our new TV ad up on KUSI through the election? 

This is the critical moment.


Can I count on you?


Senator Brian W. Jones


Join The Team!
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