From Matt de Ferranti <[email protected]>
Subject Virginia and Arlington in 2024: Choice, Climate, Gun Safety, and Metro
Date August 11, 2023 1:43 PM
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Dear Friends,

Virginia's elections in just 88 days will have a big impact on Arlington's future.
* Will choice and women's reproductive rights be protected?
* Will our climate change efforts be undermined by a Republican majority in the Virginia Senate?
* Will the Virginia House of Delegates repeal common sense gun safety laws that Democrats worked so hard to enact?
* Will Virginia help fund Metro, the backbone of Arlington?

These are the questions that are on my mind today. They lead me to ask you to help by contributing what you can to two excellent Democratic candidates in races for the Virginia Senate Russet Perry and Schuyler VanValkenberg, and an outstanding candidate for the House of Delegates, Travis Nembhard, who is coming to Arlington for a special event next Wednesday.
Russet Perry is an attorney, CIA Officer, and mom, and she is
running for Senate in a fiercely contested election in Loudoun County,
Russet Perry is running in what all analysts and elected leaders I talk with say is the most critical race to preserve the 22-18 majority for Democrats in the Virginia Senate. I've met Ms.Perry: she is an excellent candidate. She is an attorney and former CIA Officer who worked at the Georgetown Law Domestic Violence clinic. She is a champion for women's reproductive rights, common sense gun safety, and our environment. Her opponent's father has given $800K to defeat Russet. She needs our help to win, more than any other Senate seat in Virginia. Please click on this button to donate:
Click Here to donate to Russet Perry, for Virginia & Arlington's Future ([link removed])
The Virginia House of Delegates is currently in Republican control, leading to a raft of legislation last session that included removing us from REGGI, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. If it stays Republican, Arlington's future in 2024 will be at risk. Metro funding to address a significant funding gap, for example, would be far less likely if Democrats do not take back the House. Metro must and is improving service. We can also agree, I believe, that cutting its funding by 20% next summer is not a good idea for Arlington's economy.
Travis Nembhard is running for State Delegate in Prince William County in one of the top 5 most contested races.
To win back the House Arlington is hosting Travis Nemhard, a candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates next Wednesday August 17th. Mr. Nembhard is in a tough race in Prince William County that needs funding to be able to win in one of the top 5 most contested House races in Virginia. Adele McClure, Arlington's Democratic nominee for the House of Delegates in the 3rd District, along with Delegate Mark Sickles and JD Spain, are hosting Mr. Nemhard at JD's home. Please join me in contributing to this event and to Travis's campaign so that we can win back the Virginia House of Delegates.
Contribute and/or Join in Support of Travis Nemhard on or Before August 17th ([link removed])
As a former teacher, I believe we need more teachers in Richmond to help strengthen our schools and the American Dream for all students. Schuyler VanValkenberg is a teacher who has served in the House of Delegates for six years and is in a highly contested race against a Republican incumbent. He is a champion for women's reproductive rights and our climate as well. I've spoken with him and he is smart, focused, and can win if we provide him with the resources to do so. Please join me in contributing to this critical Senate race.
Click Here to Contribute to Schuyler VanValkenberg's Campaign for the Virginia Senate ([link removed])
Schuyler VanValkenberg is in a critical race that will help determine
if Democrats control the Senate here in Virginia
I ask today because I believe the stakes for the ideas we share are significant, because I have done the analysis, and these are the two Senate races where donations are needed, and I ask because Mr. Nembhard he can win if we help. Who wins these races really matters for Arlington's future and Virginia's future.

Choice and women's reproductive rights, climate, gun safety, and Metro are on the ballot. Will you join me in standing for our ideas on these critical issues?



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