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Date February 20, 2020 2:54 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
--Tulsi Gabbard for President--

Aloha Jack — Do you have a second to take a quick look at these polls with me? I wouldn’t be asking if it wasn’t so important.

[link removed] [[link removed]]

Three things stand out:

1. Despite complete media blackouts and DNC bias, Tulsi is STILL climbing in the polls

2. We’re BEATING a billionaire who is quite literally outspending us 16:1. Not only are we beating him in the polls, but we’re also outraising him 12:1 on grassroots donations

3. Nearly HALF of primary voters still haven’t decided who they want to vote for...

The establishment elite and its allies in the media have been trying to count us out — by ignoring us, attacking us and moving the goalposts — since the very moment we launched. They feel threatened by Tulsi, whose support cannot be bought and whose message cannot be influenced. Tulsi is relying on all of us more than ever right now to help her keep up the good fight. We’re off track from meeting our critical Super Tuesday fundraising goal of $1.2 million and need to close it in the next 48 hours if we’re going to be able to afford to run ads in critical Super Tuesday states. Will you rush $35 now to our Super Tuesday Fighting Fund? Click here to contribute. [[link removed]]

Can you IMAGINE what this election would look like for Tulsi if she was given anything close to the kind of media treatment that’s been handed to candidates favored by the establishment? Or if she had even a small fraction of the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS already spent by the billionaire candidates?

We don’t have to imagine, we know from our own work on the ground that when voters from ALL parties learn about Tulsi and hear her message for the people, they get it. They see someone with integrity, honesty and a new hopeful vision for the country we all love. A candidate with the firsthand experience necessary to be commander in chief on Day One.

There’s just 12 days between now and Super Tuesday. There’s a hell of a lot more campaigning left in Tulsi, in all of us, and we cannot let the establishment count us out. Can Tulsi count on you to rush $35 or whatever you can afford right now to help us hit our $1.2 million Super Tuesday goal? [[link removed]]

I know we can do this, Jack. It’s never been easy — but that’s OK, because it’s real, and it's working. And that’s because of you.

Let’s keep it up.


PO Box 75255 Kapolei HI 96707

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