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Subject FWD: Democrats are building things
Date July 31, 2023 9:44 PM
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We have a lot of work to do if we’re going to hold the Senate and White House and flip the House in 2024. We’re hoping Brian can count on you to get involved.
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Team Schatz
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Date: Jul 30 2023

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It really comes down to this: Democrats are building things while Republicans in Congress are more focused on dividing us.
Since winning back the Senate and White House, Democrats have passed the biggest climate bill in U.S. history, lowered prescription drug costs for people on Medicare, and passed the first gun violence prevention law in decades. We’ve seen consistently high job growth and are among the countries with the lowest post-pandemic inflation.
These are all things that make a real difference in people’s everyday lives.
What have Republicans been doing? They’re undermining our democracy. Making it harder for people to vote in our elections. Making it harder for people to access the health care they need.
If we’re going to keep doing something about the things we care about -- like climate change and affordable health care -- then we need to elect leaders who are serious about addressing those issues. And that means we need to hold our Senate majority, re-elect President Biden, and flip the House next year.
The July fundraising deadline is tomorrow. Any amount you can contribute strengthens our movement, helps us strategize and organize, and support Democrats across the country. [[link removed]]

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