From Adam Garber, CeaseFirePA Action <[email protected]>
Subject PA domestic violence protection law is at risk
Date July 26, 2023 5:04 PM
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Gun Violence Prevention Advocate,
Zackey Rahimi fired a gun after a passerby tried to stop him dragging his girlfriend through a parking lot. A protection from abuse order then barred him from owning firearms, leading to later arrests as he used guns in five shootings, [1] including threatening another woman with a gun and even firing into the air at a burger joint in Texas. [2]
Now he is in front of the U.S. Supreme Court trying to allow anyone with a protection from abuse order to access guns. It’s a Pennsylvania law we strengthened in 2018 to disarm abusers. [3] And we will need to continue to defend it from these kinds of attacks.

Rahimi has allies with gun extremists like the Gun Owners of America, who plan to argue in front of the Supreme Court in favor of lifting these restrictions. [4]
It's not only our progress on the lines–its lives. Since Bruen, we’ve been working more with legal allies and our litigation committee to defend these safeguards against a wave of gun-lobby backed challenges to the protections we fought hard for. More on coming–and we need you standing with us.

Donate Today to Defend Gun Safety Laws [[link removed]]
This Supreme court case would have far sweeping implications for victims of domestic violence if these restrictions are ruled unconstitutional. These restrictions are placed to protect survivors of abuse. These measures are particularly life saving given that abusers are five times more likely to kill their victims when they have access to a gun. [5]
We need our own coalition of support against these attacks, and you can help us. We've fought together to keep people safe from intimate partner violence. Together, we can defend them. Please support our work today. [[link removed]]
Adam Garber
Executive Director
CeaseFirePA Action
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