From Colleen, Colleen 2 <[email protected]>
Subject re: John, I'm running for Congress
Date July 19, 2023 7:15 PM
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John, I wanted to reach out again, following up on my previous message (my original email is attached to the bottom of this one) and give you a deeper look as to why I decided to run for Congress.
Working families like the one I grew up in are the backbone of our state, and we need to do everything we can to ensure that Delawareans can make a better life for themselves and their children.
Let me make sure you know where I'm coming from:
Growing up in a middle-class family with seven siblings, I witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by hardworking families. At a young age, my father's business went bankrupt, leading us to move frequently and struggle to make ends meet. We even faced the very real risk of homelessness.
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However, through determination and resilience, my family and I were able to overcome these obstacles and find success, a privilege that not everyone has.
These experiences have shaped my path and inspired me to become a strong advocate for middle-class families everywhere.
If elected to Congress, I will fight to ensure they have access to affordable healthcare, quality education, and fair economic opportunities.
I will work tirelessly to create policies that empower and uplift middle-class Americans, providing them with the support they need to thrive.
But I cannot do this alone.
John, I need to build a strong coalition to really make a difference in Delaware. We still need to raise $9,404 more online before MIDNIGHT to meet our Launch Day Donor Goal. Can you please join our people-powered campaign and help us today? [[link removed]]
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In unity,
Treasurer Colleen Davis
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From: Treasurer Colleen Davis < [email protected]>
Date: Wed, July 19, 2023 at 10:02 AM
Subject: John, I'm running for Congress
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I have exciting news to share with you:
This morning, I launched my campaign for Congress. As a 1️⃣ mother, 2️⃣ medical professional, 3️⃣ small business owner, and 4️⃣ Treasurer of Delaware, I am committed to making a difference for everyday working families in our state. Before I give you the whole story, I need you to know that we set a Launch Day Donor Goal to raise $26,223 more online before MIDNIGHT—can you chip in $35 or more to become a Launch Day Donor today? [[link removed]]
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1) We can't lose sight of our goal to fully bring back the economy after the pandemic. COVID-19 showed us the weakness in our economy and in the way we are serving people. During my service as Treasurer of Delaware, I focused on ensuring our healthcare workers had as much support as possible (even when that meant putting on PPE and helping out firsthand). We did everything we could to ensure fellow small business owners and job creators could make payroll and keep our economy afloat.
2) I want to make sure middle class families feel secure and supported. Time and time again, I've seen members of our community working extremely hard to secure a better future. Our office took strides to help working people save for college for their kids, plan for retirement, and cut red tape to unlock more opportunities for the people of Delaware.
3) This progressive campaign is grounded in protecting our rights —our reproductive rights, our right to feel safe in our schools and communities, our right to quality, affordable healthcare, and our right to a free and fair democracy.
As a mother of three and a former medical professional, I know the importance of fighting for progressive change to keep our communities safe. I will protect our fundamental rights and work towards a better future for our children, continuing Delaware's history of progress.
It is important we have elected leaders in place who look at the whole picture and push for an economy that works for everyone.
My experiences equip me with the right tools and the passion to achieve these goals, helping Delaware families everywhere secure a better future.
Now, all that is missing is your support.
John, my team and I want to start this campaign strong, but it is going to take a groundswell of people-powered support, making Launch Day Donors critical to our campaign. Can you become a Launch Day Donor today and help us raise the $26,223 more online that we need before MIDNIGHT to start this campaign off right? >> [[link removed]]
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In unity,
Colleen Davis
At just eight years old, Colleen’s life changed when her father’s company fell victim to fraud and went bankrupt. Her family was evicted, lost their home and all of their possessions, and they moved from rental home to rental home and school to school.
Thanks to the power of family, hard work and the care of her neighbors and teachers in Delaware, Colleen persevered and paid her way through college by driving an ambulance.
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