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Subject This is what it’ll take
Date February 17, 2020 2:40 AM
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--Tulsi Gabbard for President--

Jack —

We just wrapped a standing room only event in Maine where a local reporter told us it's been more than 18 years since a presidential candidate has visited with — and listened to — the people of Hallowell. But Tulsi isn’t like other presidential candidates, following the same well-trod (and funded) political playbook. She’s focused on We, The People. And we need to make sure she can keep going strong.

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This primary is being distorted and dominated by establishment picks, and the billionaires who can afford to cut-through regardless — dumping tens of millions of dollars into high paid staff, advertisements, a veneer of support. Not us. We rely on each other, on the American people, and authentic grassroots support.

We just crunched the numbers on what we’ll need to keep getting our message out all the way through to Super Tuesday — including TV — and here’s the bottom line: Together, we need to make sure we raise no less than $1.2 million by Super Tuesday in order to stay in this, which puts us $706,000 off our goal. I’m asking if you can chip-in $5, [[link removed]] $15 [[link removed]] or $35 tonight to help get us back on track. [[link removed]]

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Over the next 5 days Tulsi will be traversing the country from Virginia to Colorado and Utah. She’s hitting the Super Tuesday trail with the energy, vision and aloha she brings to everything she does and she’s counting on all of us to have her back. Thank you for all that you do.

Caitlin Pomerantz
Deputy Campaign Director, TULSI2020

PO Box 75255 Kapolei HI 96707

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