U.S. military spending is out of control. Will you please click here to join a coalition of organizations and Congress Members in telling the U.S. Congress to move money from war to human and environmental needs?

As of last year, out of 230 other countries, the U.S. spends more on war and war preparations than 227 of them combined. Russia and China spend a combined 21% of what the U.S. and its allies spend on war.(1)

The solution is not yet another routine, annual, massive increase in U.S. military spending. But that's what Congress has planned. The grotesquely named "Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023" gives 56% of federal discretionary spending in 2024 to militarism, and 44% to absolutely everything else.(2)

The budget now barreling its way through Congress, lubricated by war profiteers' "campaign contributions" and lobbying, would put military spending at nearly, or over, $1 trillion, depending on what you include. Three percent of that could end starvation on Earth. A bit over 1% could provide the world with clean water. The U.S. Congress could transform the lives of billions of people, but its members generally pretend to be powerless to change course.(3)

Click here to tell your Congress Members that you know there is a mountain of money and you want it spent more wisely.

Military Spending

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Click here to insist that your Representative and Senators publicly take a stand and actually try to reduce military spending.

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1. SIPRI: Military Expenditure Database
2. NPP: "Parity, Schmarity: The Budget Deal Gives 56% of the Discretionary Budget to the Military"
3. World BEYOND War: "We Need $2 Trillion Per Year for Other Things"


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