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Subject Here’s the situation
Date February 15, 2020 3:17 PM
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--Tulsi Gabbard for President--

Jack —

This email is longer than usual, but I hope you’ll give me a few minutes of your time to share why I’m more determined — and encouraged — than ever about where we are today.

I’ve been standing with Tulsi since 2012.

Following her two deployments to the Middle East, she came back with a firsthand understanding of the cost of war, a view into the complete lack of a strategic objective in the Middle East and a conviction to bring our troops home. She decided to run for Congress. Back then, everyone told her that she would never win. Too young. Too unknown. Too unconventional. But I saw it: She had something really special. She embodied the fresh leadership for a brighter future that Hawaii was hungry for, and against all odds, she won.

This is who Tulsi is. A soldier. A patriot. An unwavering champion for the people.

This election is still anyone's game. Unlike other candidates, our campaign has never been given a single handout by the corporate media or establishment select. It’s been dismissed. Ridiculed. Attacked. Our story is one of perseverance, standing for what is right in the face of unending opposition, and the quest for a more perfect union for ALL Americans.

We knew what we were signing up for on Day 1 when we launched and saw the attack pieces start to fly, already locked and loaded. Tulsi was never going to be a candidate with the surges and dips of establishment darlings like Buttigieg or Biden. She wouldn’t have Bloomberg’s billions or Bernie’s existing base. These surges are the result of the establishment media and pundit class declaring the winners and losers before the people get a chance to decide for themselves. They counted Tulsi out on Day One — but we know what's possible.

On Tuesday, Tulsi finished just .3% behind a billionaire who spent $19 million in New Hampshire alone. She finished ahead of Andrew Yang, and just five points behind the former Vice President of the United States who had 100% name recognition going into this campaign.

Where we are today — because of your support — is a HUGE achievement. It’s not something to be taken lightly, or for granted. We’ve worked for every single inch of ground we’ve gained together and we’re not stopping now. Will you chip-in $15 to help Tulsi continue the climb all the way to the national convention? [[link removed]]

DONATE $15 » [[link removed]]

Michael Bloomberg needs to keep his $10,000-a-month campaign sushi budget replenished. Tom Steyer needs to keep paying the inflated salaries of career consultants. Pete Buttigieg needs to keep currying favor in wine caves.

Tulsi? She just needs you.

$19 at a time. No outside agenda. No special interests. Just all of us working with Tulsi to speak the truth about our disastrous foreign policy. To keep the Democratic Party honest and speak truth to power.

The truth is this: The only way we’re going to beat Trump is if the person who goes up against him represents the diverse coalition of people in our country — across age, race, religion and partisanship. Tulsi has both the experience to guide our foreign policy and work across the aisle with leaders from both parties, and the fresh perspective that represents the new generation of leadership America needs.

America is our country. The trillions spent on regime change wars and the new Cold War is our money. The airwaves that the corporate media have hijacked for billions of dollars in profit are our airwaves. We’re not here to beg for scraps from the table — we’re here to reclaim our seat at the table.

Our success doesn’t look like the success of other candidates, because our success is real. Every step we’ve taken forward has been earned by hard work, sacrifice and a commitment to put service above self. Every dollar in our bank account comes from someone like you who decided to give — maybe $5, maybe $50. That’s what our success looks like — slow, steady and undeniable.

Tulsi isn’t beholden to anyone but you. And that’s a powerful position to be in.

Caitlin for Tulsi

PO Box 75255 Kapolei HI 96707

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