From Nicole, Accountable Tech <[email protected]>
Subject Facebook blocking news in Canada
Date June 6, 2023 6:35 PM
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Hi there --

Meta is preparing to block some Canadian users from posting or accessing news posts on Facebook and Instagram. Incredibly, this isn’t the first time Meta has blocked news on its platforms in protest of a country’s proposed legislation. 1

Here’s why:

The Online News Act — a new bill in Canada that would require tech companies to pay news publishers for their content — is quickly advancing through parliament.

As a result, Meta has threatened to block all news content on their platform to avoid losing even one cent of its record profits. They’re testing it now by blocking news for 5% of the 24 million Canadians who use Facebook or Instagram. Meta previously pulled this same stunt in Australia before similar legislation took effect — and then Meta complied with the law and allowed news back on the platform. 2

As I told the CBC [[link removed]] , "What we witnessed unfold in Australia, and now in Canada, is Big Tech's willingness to cripple democracy by withholding news content to a population — chosen at random — as a bargaining chip to stop legislation.”

For a company that once said it cared about elevating authoritative news sources, it’s clear that Meta has no interest in promoting news and protecting democracy. 3 Big Tech has too much power over our communication systems, and they care too little about anything other than profit.

It’s why we at Accountable Tech take a multi-prong approach to rein in Big Tech through legislation, regulation, and direct advocacy. We’re on the frontlines advocating for competition policy to end Big Tech’s monopoly powers, calling for new regulations to protect young people online, and demanding tech companies respect our privacy.

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We won't allow Meta’s threats to block progress. It’s time for real reform and accountability.


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Nicole Gill
Co-founder and Executive Director
Accountable Tech

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