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Subject Newsletter: Voter Guide & DSA Accessibility Survey
Date February 7, 2020 4:41 AM
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Silicon Valley DSA NewsletterSilicon Valley DSA Newsletter[[PERMALINK_FULL_LINK]]Silicon Valley DSA. Branches: Lower Peninsula, San Jose [[link removed]]Hi John!

Have you heard the news? Despite a bungled vote counting process by the Democratic Party that is still riddled with errors [[link removed]], our endorsed Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has won the Iowa caucuses. His voting coalition reflects the multiracial working class: the campaign did especially well among nonwhite, LGBT, and young voters.

BERNIE WINS IOWA! [[link removed]]Our own California primary is right around the corner—you may already have received your mail-in ballot. If you're making up your mind on any of those downballot races, look no further than our Voters' Guide! [[link removed]] We also have a short version [[link removed]] for printing.

Ready to do more? Here's some ways to get involved in electoral work:

* Join our phonebank for Shahid Buttar [[link removed]] this Saturday. He's our endorsed candidate taking on Nancy Pelosi!
* Volunteer for Bernie! [[link removed]] You can text, canvass, or phonebank.
* Join a local canvass for an endorsed candidate [[link removed]]. (Link is to calendar maintained by our Electoral WG.)

Keep reading for our upcoming events; how to support UC Santa Cruz grad workers that are preparing to strike; and for an important survey about accessibility and inclusion in SV DSA.

In Solidarity,
Your SV DSA Newsletter Team 🌹

Silicon Valley DSA is your local volunteer-run chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America [[link removed]].

Our chapter officers invite all members and supporters of Silicon Valley DSA to participate in a chapter-wide accessibility and inclusion survey [[link removed]].

Our goal is to identify barriers to participation so we can address them. This survey will be open until about March 1. We promise you a free 3" SV DSA logo sticker if you fill it out! :)

SV DSA Sticker [[link removed]]

Grad student workers at UCSC are facing the impossible. The cost of living has increased so much over recent years that many grad workers can't afford rent or food. When they organized a wildcat grading strike to demand a Cost of Living Adjustment (or COLA), the UCSC administration refused to negotiate and has threatened retaliation. Now, grad workers are going on a full strike starting this Monday, February 10.

COLA OR PERISH! [[link removed]]At Silicon Valley DSA, we urge all members and allies to fully support this strike. Please donate to the strike fund! [[link removed]] For updates and local actions, follow the organizers on Twitter [[link removed]]—you can be sure there will be more ways to back them up.

* Hatching chick 🐣 means newbie-friendly!
* General meetings are marked with a 🌹 rose.
* WG stands for Working Group.
* For more events, check out our calendar [[link removed]].

Time & PlaceEventF, 2/7. 6-8pm.🐣AfroSOC Happy Hour: Boba Night [[link removed]]Sat, 2/8. 1-8pm.🐣Phonebank for Shahid Buttar [[link removed]]Sun, 2/9. 2-4pm.Membership Development Committee [[link removed]]Sun, 2/9. 7-9pm.
San Jose.AfroSOC Caucus [[link removed]]M, 2/10. 7-9pm.Coordination Committee [[link removed]]W, 2/12. 7-8:30pm.
San Jose.Ecosocialist WG [[link removed]]Th, 2/13. 7-9pm.
Palo Alto.Healthcare WG [[link removed]]Sun, 2/16. 2:30-4:30pm.
Palo Alto.🌹Lower Peninsula Branch [[link removed]]Sun, 2/16. 4:30-6:30pm.
San Jose.Electoral WG [[link removed]]M, 2/17. 7-8:30pm.Working Group Round Table [[link removed]]W, 2/19. 7-9pm.
Cupertino.Labor WG [[link removed]]Th, 2/20. 7-9pm.
San Jose.Housing WG [[link removed]]F, 2/21. 7-10pm.🐣AfroSOC Game Night [[link removed]]Sat, 2/22. 1-3pm.Ecosocialist WG Garden Party & Seed Exchange! [[link removed]]Sat, 2/22. 3:30-5pm.
San Jose.🐣DSA New Member Orientation + Q&A [[link removed]]Sun, 2/23. 12-1:30pm.
San Jose.🐣Marching Band and Riot Choir [[link removed]]Sun, 2/23. 2-4pm.Membership Development Committee [[link removed]]Sun, 2/23. 7-9pm.
Palo Alto.AfroSOC Caucus [[link removed]]M, 2/24. 7-9pm.Coordination Committee [[link removed]]Th, 2/27. 7-9pm (doors 6:30).
San Jose.🌹San Jose Branch Meeting [[link removed]][[link removed]]

DSA is a membership organization. As a member, you can vote at our local meetings and run for leadership roles. We are funded by voluntary dues, but no donation is required to join.

Let's build socialism together!

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