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Subject First in the CountryđŸ„‡with Zero Fares for ALL low-income riders! Sign the petition + #VoteTransit pledge
Date May 16, 2023 12:31 PM
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image description: Picture of a grey PRT bus with the pictures of County Executive candidates John Weinstein, Will Parker, Michael Lamb, Sara Innamorato, and Dave Fawcett. Candidates Joe Rockey and Theresa Colaizzi are not pictured, having not answered PPT's questionnaire or bus ride-along.
Today's Primary Election is our chance to vote in a leader who will be a champion for transit riders, service expansion and making the zero-fare transit program permanent for all low-income households!
Take the #VoteTransit Pledge to say that you will elect a leader who'll make it happen.
Candidate Summary + #VoteTransit Pledge [[link removed]]
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image description: PPT member Debra Green leads a rally for affordable fares. She is smiling and has her fist raised in the air. PPT Members stand behind her holding signs.
Our vote today for County Executive will determine whether a low-income fare program is made permanent for families in Allegheny County.
Tameeka Jones-Cuff is a dedicated, cheerful mother of three children. She and her children have special healthcare needs, and her husband works in landscaping. Their family is entirely dependent on public transit, but at $2.75 a ride a round-trip bus ride would cost the family over $30 ! That cost kept them from seeking the healthcare and other essentials for life. Last fall, when Tameeka enrolled in Department of Humand Services's discount fare program she and her entire family was enrolled in is fully-free transit group! Watch our interview with Tameeka to hear her discuss the absolute transformation that free transit has had on her family's life and join her in demanding the next County Executive expand a zero-fare transit program to all low-income riders in Allegheny County.
Will you help riders like Tameeka and sign the petition to demand immediate action from the next County Executive to expand this program?
Sign the petition [[link removed]]
[link removed] [[link removed]] New from Jillian Forstadt, unionized reporter at WESA: "Allegheny County enrolls 14,500 residents in its discounted bus fare pilot program"
WESA's New Report [[link removed]]
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image description: Photo collage shows photos of the 4 candidates who rode the bus with us: David Fawcett, Michael Lamb, Sara Innamorato, John Weinstein.
This Primary Election Cycle, transit riders and workers invited all of the County Executive Candidates to ride the bus to see and hear about our issues first hand.
Sara Innamorato, Michael Lamb, John Weinstein and David Fawcett all accepted our invitation. Read about what they said on their rides here.
Read about their rides + photos [[link removed]]
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Image Description: PPT Member Lorena speaks at a PPT rally and release of our “Representing Our Routes” report in the Spring of 2023. She is flanked by an ASL interpreter and dozens of PPT members holding red and yellow signs.
PPT's own election season is getting off the ground! Nominations are open for PPT members who want to run for a 2-year term on our Board of Directors. Nominate yourself or an inspirational leader before July 5th.
PPT operates as a truly member-led organization, and that sets us apart from other non-profits. Our membership elects (and runs for) our Board of Directors, develops and votes to approve our yearly campaign plan. Members run PPT's research, communications, organizing and accessibility committees, which develop and implement our winningl campaigns.
We are looking for a new round of leaders who understand the importance of our work for transit justice in Allegheny County, and are looking to get more involved in directing the course of our campaigns, our communications work, and organizing actions. Nominations are open until July 5th. Voting will run from July 12th-31st. PPT members are all those who support the Transit Bill of Rights, have participated in a PPT action or meeting, and have paid dues of at least $2.75 cents within the last year (the cost of a single PRT fare).
Nomination Info + Form [[link removed]]
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Pittsburghers for Public Transit is a grassroots union of transit riders and transit workers. We are fighting for a more expanded, affordable, and equitable transit system as a human right.
You can help us win campaigns for better transit by becoming a member today.
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