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Subject Find out which candidates support free fares... and which don't.
Date May 9, 2023 5:16 PM
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image description: PPT member Debra Green leads a rally for affordable fares. She is smiling and has her fist raised in the air. PPT Members stand behind her holding signs.
A zero-fare transit program is on the line in the Allegheny County Executive Election on May 16!
Transit riders were successful in advocating for a program to test free fares, but now YOU can help make it permanent and expanded for all low-income riders.
Will you sign the petition to demand that the next Allegheny County Executive extends zero-fare transit to all SNAP recipients?
Sign the petition [[link removed]]
[link removed] [[link removed]] From PPT's Transit Justice Questionnaire for Allegheny County Executive Candidates:
If you were the County Executive, would you commit to ensure that the Department of Human Services' discount fare pilot program becomes a permanent zero fare program for all SNAP/EBY household in Allegheny County? How would you ensure that DHS has sufficient resources to sustainably run the full program?
[[link removed]] "Absolutely. I am a huge supporter of this program and will immediately work with DHS and PRT to make it permanent and even expand eligibility. We need to restore ridership on PRT to obtain more federal funding. This program is one of the keys to doing that and would eventually pay for itself. I am committed to making the program both permanent and sustainable. [...] "
Sara Innamorato
[link removed] [[link removed]] 'Yes, I would commit to working towards turning the discount fair pilot program into a zero fare program for all SNAP/EBT households in Allegheny County. DHS is almost half the budget of the 3 billion dollar budget of the county. There are enough funds as it stands, but we could be better using those funds. [...] "
Michael Lamb
[link removed] [[link removed]] "I think this program is so important. It’s empowerment. It’s how we help to build people and families up. I want to help this community match its great potential, and means ensuring all have the ability to access their needs. Opportunities exist to utilize private-public partnerships to fund this program... [...]"
John Weinstein
[link removed] [[link removed]] "Yes. As for sustainability of funding solutions, I would encourage and negotiate with employers and non-profits to supplement or fully pay for fares incurred by their students, patients and employees. Paying for public transportation as part of an employee’s compensation package is an idea that has been implemented in the past and should be implemented on a large scale. [...]"
[link removed] [[link removed]] "I would first like to review the data and conduct a survey before I commit to making a decision that will be permanent. However, I do believe the current pilot is a great program that gives us an opportunity to evaluate how attractive discounted fares can be to riders who take advantage of them to get to work, hospital appointments and the grocery store."
Read Candidates' Full Answers on Transit Justice [[link removed]]
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image description: Flyer for PPT's May Meeting. A photo of the front of a red PRT bus with text that reads May 10 @ 7pm, General Meeting" a spring-time sun and rain cloud is superimposed on upper right of image
Its go-time to #VoteTransit! //PPT May Meeting // May 10th @ 7pm
We're just days away from the Primary Election for the next County Executive and it's time to ramp up our organizing! We need to make sure that a true champion for public transit is elected to the top seat in Allegheny County. This person will control hundreds of millions of dollars and dozens of powerful appointments that can transform public transit for county residents.
Join us at our monthly meeting to get involved in the final phase of this organizing. So far this Primary Election cycle, PPT members have encouraged 4 candidates to take transit with us so we can share our platform with them while riding the bus. We have gotten responses on our Transit Justice Questionnaire from 5 candidates. We've mailed these answers to thousands of peoples' homes. And we have made thousands of text messages and phone calls to spread the word!
RSVP here [[link removed]]
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image description: graphic has a clipart photo of a person with short hair holding a cellphone to their ear. There is a clipart speech-bubble pointed to them that if filled with photos of PRT buses. Text in the bottom right corner reads “Election Day is May 16th #VoteTransit”
Volunteer with us to spread the word about candidates' transit positions and make sure that riders #VoteTransit.
We need to put the biggest transit champion in the Allegheny County Executive seat!
RSVP [[link removed]]
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Pittsburghers for Public Transit is a grassroots union of transit riders and transit workers. We are fighting for a more expanded, affordable, and equitable transit system as a human right.
You can help us win campaigns for better transit by becoming a member today.
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