From Elad Gross <[email protected]>
Subject 🔥BIG First Quarter!!! Thank you
Date April 18, 2023 2:00 PM
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We have huge momentum to take the Attorney General's Office back for the People of Missouri. We need you on our team.

** Thank You!!!
We had a huge fundraising and volunteer recruitment quarter thanks to you, and we did it all in just 3 weeks!
We had more donations to our campaign for Attorney General than the entire field combined. By a lot! And we started the campaign in the last reporting month of the quarter!!!

We did it all without taking a penny of dark money or corporate donations. This is all thanks to folks just like you.

Over 94% of our donations came from Missourians, with over 200 zip codes represented. Over 96% of our donations were under $100.

We've got a ton of excitement behind this campaign. We've already traveled to Wellston, Troy, Springfield, Nevada, and Mexico, with plenty of events planned. The People are our advantage, and I need your help to reach as many Missourians as possible.

Missourians want an Attorney General who will bring some sanity back to our state instead of the incompetent suits we've been getting, politicians who just spew whatever divisive misinformation will win the news cycle. We're not focusing on stopping our kids from being shot and killed in our schools, in our streets, ringing the wrong doorbell. We're not focusing on preventing massive out-of-state corporations from illegally evicting Missourians. We're not focusing on stopping vulture capitalists, monopolies, and scammers from extracting every resource they can out of our communities.

We can return sanity to Missouri, and we have an enormous opportunity to get this done right now. We've got big plans, and I need you on our team. You don't want to miss out, especially with some big news coming your way very soon!

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