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Subject These 4 ACE Candidates Rode the Bus With Us + SPIN Scooter Public Hearing 4/12
Date April 10, 2023 12:00 PM
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image description: cutouts of the faces of John Weinstein, Michael Lamb, Sara Innamorato, and David Fawcett are superimposed over a PRT bus. Text reads “These candidates rode teh bus with us”.
Fawcett, Innamorato, Lamb and Weinstein join PPT for a bus ride-along! Now what did they say about their transit plans?
On their trips, they were able to speak with PPT members and partners, along with several people enrolled in the low-income fares pilot currently underway in the county. Each candidate was able to hear personal stories from different perspectives. The rides were long enough – an hour or more – to give PPT organizer Cheryl Stephens time to touch on all the transit issues facing Pittsburgh riders.
This was a great opportunity for riders to connect with the candidates and for those candidates that participated to learn first-hand about the challenges our transit system faces. The incoming county executive, whoever he or she will be, will make the decisions, appoint the Pittsburgh Regional Transit board members, and set the policies that determine the future of public transportation here in Pittsburgh.
Candidates had the opportunity to respond to questions at the end of the ride.
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image description: image includes photos of all 7 candidates running in the primary election on May 16th for Allegheny County Executive with text that reads, “transit rider demands”. To the left and right of the text are PPT’s logo, a bus outline with “PPT” in the center, and a circle of riders and workers around the bus holding hands.
The City of Pittsburgh is holding a Public Hearing about the SPIN scooter program and whether they are (or are not) meeting residents’ mobility needs on 4/12. Join us to speak up for accessible mobility improvements that help those who need it most.
The SPIN scooters were released as part of a 2-year pilot program to test whether they could increase affordable, equitable, and environmentally-friendly access for residents of Pittsburgh. The pilot is set to expire this June, so the time is right to have a public evaluation of whether the program accomplished its goals.
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image description: photo of the fron of a red PRT bus at a stop downtown. Text has been superimposed over the photo that reads "General Meeting" with PPT's logo.
Join us at our April 12 Meeting to find out the answers that County Executive candidates gave to our questions. We'll also recap who joined us for a bus ride-along and what ideas they brought up.
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Pittsburghers for Public Transit is a grassroots union of transit riders and transit workers. We are fighting for a more expanded, affordable, and equitable transit system as a human right.
You can help us win campaigns for better transit by becoming a member today.
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