From Akron DSA <[email protected]>
Subject Canvassing for Bernie
Date January 31, 2020 3:07 PM
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Hello Comrades,

Any members interested in canvassing for Bernie, the Bernie campaign will
use the MiniVAN app. The miniVan app will connect you to lists of potential
1. Download the MiniVAN app.
2. Create an account id.
3. Copy the number 31991158-74911 into Enter a List Number. This will
import a list of potential voters near you.
4. This list will give you addresses near you. Names of voters, party
affiliations,etc. Click on the name of the person you plan on speaking to
and it will provide a prompt for talking about Bernie if you are new to
canvassing. It will also follow a serious of questions about how likely
they are to vote for or participate in the campaign.

notes: Make sure your location is on. If you need a new list hit download a
new list and enter the same number 31991158-74911 and it will create a new
list near you. Make sure to sync at the top right corner after inputting
who ever you talked to's information.

Thank you,

Colin Robertson, Co-Chair
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