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Subject protect children online
Date April 6, 2023 6:21 PM
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Hey there --

Big Tech companies exploit children’s attention, data, and well-being for profit, and state lawmakers are finally intervening.

In September, California [[link removed]] passed the Age Appropriate Design Code (AADC) – a law that will protect the safety of children and teens by requiring online platforms that are likely to be accessed by children to prioritize their wellbeing, and make a higher level of privacy the default for kids. And now, similar AADC bills are advancing through the legislative process in Maryland [[link removed]] , Minnesota [[link removed]] , and Nevada [[link removed]] .

The Maryland State House session is winding down in just a few days now, and Maryland’s AADC bill is almost at the finish line. This is our chance to pass another landmark bipartisan AADC. Chip in now to help us expand our resources and pass new legislation to protect young people online. [[link removed]]

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These bills, modeled after successful legislation in the UK, will require online platforms to prioritize young people’s safety and privacy by design and default. Here’s how the AADC will help protect children online:

- Require online products and services that children are likely to access to be designed by default for the protection and privacy of children.
- Maintain a high level of privacy settings by default.
- Provide easily accessible reporting tools for privacy and inappropriate behavior concerns.
- Prohibit the collection and retention of any non-essential personal information for users under age 18.
- Halt the sale of any kids’ personal information.

Friend, it’s not every day we get laws passed to hold some of the world's most powerful and profitable companies accountable. Every contribution helps us expand the operational and paid budgets for our campaigns to advance AADC legislation across the country . Chip in to support our work advocating for social media companies to design their products with young people in mind. [[link removed]]

The AADC bills will help propel us toward the safe and healthy internet we all believe in – one worth fighting for. With your help, we can support these landmark bills that will protect kids online and ensure Big Tech designs their products with their youngest users in mind.

Thanks for being with us,

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Nicole Gill
Co-founder and Executive Director
Accountable Tech

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