From Amy McGrath <[email protected]>
Subject I didn’t want to even touch this...
Date April 5, 2023 11:03 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
Team —

I really didn’t want to even touch this.

But what I just learned made my jaw hit the floor.

Donald Trump’s campaign is doing everything to cash in on his criminal indictment. Minutes after he surrendered to authorities yesterday, the campaign was selling T-shirts with a fake mug shot on them. All in all, they’ve raised over $8 million in the past few days.

Frankly, it’s horrifying to know that Trump’s legal troubles are super-charging his MAGA fundraising operation. Every day this is in the news — and let’s face it, the media coverage is going to be exhausting — the folks trying to upend democracy are stuffing their coffers.

I don’t expect our side to keep pace with their millions in dirty money. But we can’t just sit back and hope for the best. This trial might not even be resolved before the 2024 election is over — we can’t let them stockpile cash without building up our operation. Will you chip in what you can today to make sure we’re ready to fight back wherever and whenever we need to?

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One reason I didn’t want to send you a note about Trump’s arrest is I feel strongly about the rule of law, and that includes a presumption of innocence. In a healthy democracy, no one is above the law and everyone gets a fair trial.

Those are the principles I’ve spent my whole adult life fighting for. And I’m committed to pursuing that mission of defending our democracy with everything I’ve got — no matter how much money the other side has.

We’ve defeated them before. We can do it again. But one thing I know is these guys aren’t going to go away on their own — this fight needs all of us. If you can, make a donation today and send a signal that you’re not going to let them win.

DONATE [[link removed]]

More soon — for now, thank you.

P.S. This is the shirt they’re selling — these guys made up a fake mug shot and are slapping it on merch. They’re grifters, plain and simple.
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P.P.S. If you chip in today , [[link removed]] I can promise you two things: (1) Every dollar will be used to fight for our democracy against MAGA extremists; and (2) We will not send you anything with Donald Trump’s face on it.

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