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Subject Newsletter: First branch meetings of 2020!
Date January 29, 2020 12:58 AM
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Silicon Valley DSA NewsletterSilicon Valley DSA NewsletterView online version [link removed] Valley DSA. Branches: Lower Peninsula, San Jose [[link removed]]Hi John!

It's a big week in DSA! Our two branches will have their first general meetings of 2020 tonight and Thursday, and we have a lot more going on—including an AfroSOC social, a YDSA-run brake light clinic, and many ways to engage with our chapter's organizing.

At our branch meetings, we will be hosting a listening session to hear members' thoughts on the chapter and its work (including on future meeting times for LP Branch!). Members will vote on whether to oppose Measure D in Mountain View, and on a draft of a voters' guide created by our Electoral Working Group.

* Lower Peninsula Branch. Jan 28 (tonight) at 7-9pm. Doors 6:30. Details [[link removed]].
* San Jose Branch. Thursday, Jan 30 at 7-9pm. Doors 6:30. Details [[link removed]].

Speaking of elections: the Electoral Working Group maintains a calendar of canvasses for our endorsed candidates. Visit [[link removed]] for everything you need to know.

Our spotlight for this week's newsletter is on the new Admin Committees that run the administrative work of the chapter and are open to all comrades who want to volunteer. After that, you'll find our full list of upcoming events. If you're looking for newbie-friendly events, look for the hatching chick '🐣' emoji!

In Solidarity,
Your SV DSA Newsletter Team 🌹

Silicon Valley DSA is your local volunteer-run chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America [[link removed]].

Our comrades at Stanford YDSA are holding their first brake light clinic on Saturday February 1st, in East Palo Alto! The purpose of replacing broken brake lights for free is to engage in mutual aid and to take a stand against police violence—broken brake lights are a common pretext for arrest or other escalations by police.

Volunteer for a shift: []

Our officers recently voted to divide up admin work across six new committees, so we can be more organized—and to make it easier to get involved! After all, as our chapter grows, the work grows with it.

Our committee makes the general meetings of our chapter happen! We handle logistics and work with members to agendize votes, talks and discussions to make meetings effective, engaging and accessible. Let us know if you want to help out, or have questions, feedback or ideas for meeting content!

Contact: [email protected] [[email protected]]

We work on outward-facing media for our chapter. Join us if you like tweeting, editing, drawing, designing, social media, or if you have journalism skills. Comrades are doing so much cool work in our chapter—we want to make sure the world knows!

Contact: [email protected] [[email protected]]

We work on budgeting, finance, and managing our office space and assets. If you want to help make sure our working groups and caucuses have the financial and physical resources they need, join us!

Contact: [email protected] [[email protected]]

We're revamping the new member onboarding process to help comrades get plugged in to our work. We're also working on leadership development and training so anyone can be a leader. Join us if you want to help new comrades become socialist organizers!

Contact: [email protected] [[email protected]]

We love talking to strangers about socialism! We think you will too, once you join us for a round of tabling. Or why not help us put up posters, organize a local social event, or hand out flyers? We mean it when we say this work is fun—and we'll never send you out without a buddy!

Contact: [email protected] [[email protected]]

We build and maintain the chapter's tech tools and membership database. If you have tech skills or want to learn, or if you have thoughts on how we can use tech to support the chapter, join us!

Contact: [email protected] [[email protected]]

* Hatching chick 🐣 means newbie-friendly!
* General meetings are marked with a 🌹 rose.
* WG stands for Working Group.
* For more events, check out our calendar [[link removed]].

Time & PlaceEventT, 1/28. 7-9pm (doors 6:30).
Palo Alto.🌹Lower Peninsula Branch Meeting [[link removed]]W, 1/29. 7-9pm."Let’s Own PG&E" Regional Call [[link removed]]W, 1/29. 7-9pm.
San Jose.Libertarian Socialist Reading Group [[link removed]]Th, 1/30. 7-9pm (doors 6:30).
San Jose.🌹San Jose Branch Meeting [[link removed]]Th, 1/30. 5:30-9pm.
Mountain View.🐣AfroSOC: Solidarity Open Mic Night [[link removed]]F, 1/31. 7-9pm.Finance and Inventory Committee [[link removed]]Sat, 2/1. 10am-4pm.
East Palo Alto.🐣Brake Light Clinic (Stanford YDSA) [[link removed]]Sat, 2/1. 5-7pm.
San Jose.Political Education WG [[link removed]]Sat, 2/1. 7-8:30pm.
San Jose.No War with Iran Study Group (external event) [[link removed]]Sat, 2/1. 9-4:30pm.
San Jose.🐣Baryessa Flea Market Canvass [[link removed]]Sun, 2/2. 12-1pm.Electoral WG [[link removed]]Sun, 2/2. 4-6pm.
StanfordWatch Party: "Are Robots Racist?" (Stanford YDSA) [[link removed]]T, 2/4. 7-8:30pm.
San Jose.Socialist Feminist WG [[link removed]]Th, 2/6. 5-6:30pm.
San Jose.YDSA at SJSU [[link removed]]Th, 2/6. 7-9pm.
Palo Alto.Housing WG [[link removed]]Sun, 2/9. 2-4pm.Membership Development Committee [[link removed]]Sun, 2/9. 7-9pm.
San Jose.AfroSOC Caucus [[link removed]]M, 2/10. 7-9pm.Coordination Committee [[link removed]]W, 2/12. 7-8:30pm.
San Jose.Ecosocialist WG [[link removed]]Th, 2/13. 7-9pm.
Palo Alto.Healthcare WG [[link removed]]Sun, 2/16. 4:30-6:30pm.
San Jose.Electoral WG [[link removed]]M, 2/17. 7-8:30pm.Working Group Round Table [[link removed]]W, 2/19. 7-9pm.
Cupertino.Labor WG [[link removed]]Th, 2/20. 7-9pm.
San Jose.Housing WG [[link removed]]Sat, 2/22. 1-3pm.Ecosocialist WG Garden Party & Seed Exchange! [[link removed]]Sat, 2/22. 3:30-5pm.
San Jose.🐣DSA New Member Orientation + Q&A [[link removed]]Sun, 2/23. 12-1:30pm.
San Jose.🐣Marching Band and Riot Choir [[link removed]]Sun, 2/23. 2-4pm.Membership Development Committee [[link removed]]Sun, 2/23. 7-9pm.
Palo Alto.AfroSOC Caucus [[link removed]]M, 2/24. 7-9pm.Coordination Committee [[link removed]]Th, 2/27. 7-9pm (doors 6:30).
San Jose.🌹San Jose Branch Meeting [[link removed]]Please note: the date for February’s Lower Peninsula Branch meeting will be finalized at the January meeting. We are looking at either Sunday, February 16, or Tuesday, February 25. If you have thoughts on the best timing, please reach out to [email protected].[[link removed]]

DSA is a membership organization. As a member, you can vote at our local meetings and run for leadership roles. We are funded by voluntary dues, but no donation is required to join.

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